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  • Discovering Morocco

    Sitting somewhere on the northern tip of Africa, Morocco is a country resplendent in glorious architecture and endowed with a distinct landscape.

  • Along the shores of the Pacific

    Our initial plan was to embark on a train that travelled along the Ocean. I have crossed the Atlantic to travel to Europe and the Indian Sub-continent, but never had the experience of moving along Pacific, and that too, on a train.

  • In the land of the lion with the sword

    The island of Sinhala, or Sri Lanka as we know it today, is a country beautiful beyond expectations. The warmth of its people, the neat and clean roads, the delicious food - everything is impressive. Most surprising were the smiling faces of immigration officers at the airport. I bet no one has seen that anywhere else in the world!

  • Inca Civilisation

    Exploring the belief systems of early cultures can be enlightening and transforming. Each offers unique perspective on how we can

  • Sundarbans: The Allure of the Bengal Tiger

    We thought it was high time to go meet the Royal Bengal in its home, all together in a large group.

  • In the land of the thunder dragon

    A journey from Dhaka to Paro, by airplane, can sometimes leave you with a few lost heartbeats if you're not the most courageous person in the world.

  • Back to India

    I have travelled to over 36 countries and counting in my thirty years, extensively hopped over and lived in the heart of Europe, enjoyed the hospitality of the American waters, touched the Alps back down in New Zealand but everywhere I have been - I have carried an ache in my heart.

  • Coasting in the clouds

    Bipa said she intended to use the long Eid holidays to just read books; Swarna was of the mind to listen to music somewhere in the hills, and Imran wanted to watch Satyajit Ray films under the shade of a tree—this was the variety of people that Nowroz was driving to Bandarban with.

  • How happy are you?

    For people living in Bangladesh, what can be said about this tucked-away sanctuary, unperturbed by the happenings around the world that has not already been said before? I visited Bhutan first as a ten-year-old and then again, much later in life. And would you like to know what had changed about this place in the fifteen years in between? Nothing!

  • Alternative 3-day itinerary in Singapore!

    Alternative 3-day itinerary in Singapore!

    We love this country! These are the clean streets our dreams are made of, the stringent grasp over political affairs that are figments of our fantasies, the shopping malls that we would love to have at our doorsteps, and oh the beautiful security of life!