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  • Charms of the Sunshine State

    Ever heard of Pensacola or Perdido Key? Whether you know of it or not, reading this travelogue will certainly have you trying to experience everything I have at the southern tip of the United States of America, and maybe do some exploration of your own.

  • Gerald Durrell's Corfu: A Greek Easter and Seasonal Kumquats

    I wanted to visit Corfu ever since I read Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals, which was set in Corfu of the 1930s, and the spirited character Spiros livened up the writer's depiction of this seaside town. Incidentally, Corfu is known to have one of the most unique Easter celebrations in Greece, an experience I could not have missed!

  • bhutan feat

    Girl's trip to land of blue mountains

    It took us more than 20 years of friendship and waiting to finally manage to go on a trip aboard. We had dreamed of all of us

  • bKash cash back offers

    Sanssouci Park

    'Rush Hour' was a term that brought great joy when I was younger as it was truly a great film. Never could I imagine that the same

  • Scottish beauty — Edinburgh

    The capital of Scotland is an unparalleled beauty as the city is full of Georgian and neoclassical architecture. Edinburg has two distinguished parts, just like as we have old and new Dhaka, and both these parts boast specific sites worth visiting.

  • Madrid Opera Square

    Seven days in Spain

    A close friend advised me to try travelling without a plan, and thus I set my habits free. Before I knew what was happening, I arrived in Madrid, slightly unnerved but equally excited.

  • Days in Amsterdam

    When I landed in Schiphol Airport the long European day was near its end, bathed in the last rays of a setting sun. Standing for a bus

  • The 'royal' ride to Leh-Pangong Lake

    Not many would want to take a solitary bike ride on the Leh-Pangong road, and yet for me it turned out to be the most thrilling of my adventures so far. Once I had made up my mind, Mr. Punchok of Greater Ladakh Tours at Changspa

  • Charm Of The Emerald Isle

    I was hesitant at the doorsteps of what was famously named after the street it was situated on, the 160-year-old Temple Bar of the Temple Bar neighbourhood in central Dublin, Ireland.

  • horrors travel

    The horrors of travelling – unleashed!

    And although misadventures such as these can turn you into a storyteller overnight, precisely what I am doing right now, and can serve as a remedy to old age, I have heard, feel free to live vicariously through the horrors of my time to help decide what NOT to do!

  • The Berlin experience

    On one sunny summer day, during our stay in Germany, we planned a day trip to Reichstag, one of the Berlin's most renowned tourists attraction. Unfortunately, it started to rain, yet we decided to go ahead with our plan.

  • Siem Reap—The city of stones

    When it comes to Southeast Asia, tourist destinations popular among Bangladeshis are: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and after the initiation of visa on arrival, Indonesia (Bali, more or less). Vietnam is becoming somewhat popular in recent years. Cambodia and Laos, however, still don't see a sizeable number of Bangladeshi travellers. Surprising, because the former boasts Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world, attracting over two million foreign tourists per year.

  • The Maldives

    If anyone ever asked me what my lifelong wish was; I would definitely declare that it was to 'travel the entire world'. So you can imagine the excitement I felt when my husband informed that would be making a short trip to paradise island – the Maldives!

  • The English Town of Bournemouth

    Imagine frolicking on a sandy beach by the bluish water of a boundless sea. Chilly pleasant breeze blowing; noisy seagulls flying over; the beauty of the vistas inexplicable and beyond description unless and until experienced firsthand!

  • Miami vibes

    When I touched down in Miami, as part of my first trip to America, there was no telling that I was in America at all. It could have been Puerto Rico or Cuba! This side to America is so distinct with a flavour uniquely its own – you have to see it to believe it.

  • Monsoon is the best time to visit the haors

    The months in-between Joishtho and Kartik of the Bengali calendar are very special, endorsing an amazing phenomenon at the haor areas inundated by vast waterways.

  • The most beautiful country on earth!

    Have you been to the most beautiful place on earth? I have. And no amount of photography or superlatives can be an exaggeration to its splendour in reality.

  • Visit Shah Porir Island and Netong, this Monsoon

    We sat at that point for a long time; sprinkling ourselves with the salty waters of the ocean. As we waited, the sky began to turn gloomy and the air slightly windy.

  • Monsoon travel destinations

    Don't let it dampen your spirit if the weather app forecasts 'a heavy rain tomorrow' or 'mostly cloudy'.

  • Let's hear it for New York!

    When I was sitting in Miami weaving grand plans for an NYC trip, almost everyone responded with a shrug and a lot of hmm-ha at the mention of the city.

  • Let's visit the Portuguese Fusion Kingdom - Goa

    Seeped in cultural diversity unique to the place, the western Indian state of Goa remains testament to its Portuguese past till this day.

  • Discover Seattle

    Popular for coffee and renowned for the architectural marvel that is the Space Needle, Seattle is a city that attracts tourists of all kinds, and for different reasons.

  • The Isle of Wight — A splendour of scenic beauty

    The Isle of Wight is a relatively large island at the foot of England. Shaped like an uneven diamond, the island is located in the English Channel and has a population of roughly 130,000.

  • Sleeping inside a Mongolian tent

    “Is there a toilet inside?” My mother suspiciously eyed the tents.

  • Mermaid Beach Resort: a melody of the waves

    The sea, millions of grains of sand, rain, sunsets and sunrises; the moon, and tranquillity— if you want to enjoy nature in all its glory, Mermaid resort is the place for it.

  • Baishakh Fashion 2017

    Pahela Baishakh is a burst of colours. It’s about celebrating all things new and also about rejoicing our traditions. Check out Star Lifestyle’s Baishakhi wardrobe collection, presented through a dazzling fashion show in the most picturesque of locations! Reimagine, reinvent and reinvigorate all things Baishakh!


    Perhaps you have been yearning to see the famed Kanchenjunga for long. But because of the international travel involved, and the various red tapes, it has not materialised yet.

  • Travels that make souls wiser

    When I watched the Bollywood flick, “Zindagi na milegi dobara” for the first time, I like a lot of others, fell in love with Spain and with the idea of travel changing my life.

  • The land of the dragon, and fiery rhododendrons

    When I read Tagore's “Shesher Kobita' near the end of my school life, its main theme did not dawn on me. I was entranced.

  • By the tranquil waters

    It was mentioned quite a few times—a mountain surrounded by deep forests where wild flowers bloom in abundance during monsoon. We did not wait for the rains though, and in the midst of the chilly winter, we set out to see this place of untold wonders.