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  • Ready, Set, Makeup!

    New season means a fresh and trendy look that's completely different from any other year. Isn't that just exciting? Life never seems boring when you are up-to the minute chic and fashionable.

  • Coconut oil for shiny locks

    Ask any elderly lady the secret of their hair care, and they will swear by the humble coconut oil and its gazillion benefits. For thousands of years, we have witnessed Bengali beauties apply coconut oil as the prime ingredient for hair nourishment. But have we ever wondered why this favouritism?

  • Yoghurt: the super food

    Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important for maintaining good health, helping you feel your best. The nutrients needed by children are the same as needed by adults, but the amounts vary.

  • Bowties 101

    Over time we have stereotyped bowties to the extent that it is solely associated with weddings and the groom, and quite rarely his entourage.

  • Basic hacks

    Most of the light bulbs we use today have either twist lock bases or screw bases.

  • Reduce your use of plastic

    You may find it hard to believe but a plastic bottle takes anywhere between 100 and 1000 plus years to degrade, with an average degradation time of 450 years!

  • For tea and coffee lovers

    No one quite understands the saying 'Old habits die hard' as much as tea or coffee addicts during Ramadan. Not only are they fighting their pangs of hunger, but also keeping a watch over their cravings!

  • Green tea the wonder drink!

    It is associated with myriad benefits. Numerous studies show how important green tea is for one's body and mind. So is this the healthiest beverage ever?

  • Treat your dry skin right

    Even if we love the chill of winter, we do not love what it can do to our skins. Our skins gets dry due to cold weather or lack of humidity..

  • 2017: Pairing comfort with fashion

    Pastels will become a more likely colour range. Such subtle colours will be seen on crewnecks during the start of this year for example. I myself am very excited for this predicted trend and will get my first crewneck sweater of such a soft colour.