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Being the standout single

If time is money, an eternal single is entitled to a fortune! As any proponent of the single life will say, this precious time has to be spent carefully and invested in meaningful activities instead of squandering it on mindless screen time.

While there are no set rules or guidelines to spend this time correctly, there are simple things that can add up to a marvellous and fulfilled life.


Fictions aside, adding some non-fiction to the reading list can make effective changes to the personal perspective. Do not fall behind when the talk is about Blockchain, Meltdown and 'movers and shakers'. Speak with distinction when the crowd wants to make you walk out with the Yorker of current events.


There is no end to highlighting the need for pampering yourself, but do not stick to the best perfumes or massages or even just extravagant chocolates. Get yourself furniture that speaks of class and utility, spend money on products that care for the body and not beautify it instantly. Splurging every once in a while is bound to boost your vision on life and all its niceties.

Dress great

There is a common conception of the flashy bachelor or bachelorette. Aim to replace flashy with classy and move with your own air of confidence.

Give gifts

This one is bound to make you stand out. Gift your friends, your parents. Add your nephews and nieces to the gift list. Do not forget to gift your friends' children. And do not make it birthdays and good results only, make it “the day we laughed so loud that people actually stopped and stared” or “first month of art classes.”

Host little parties

Arranging things on your own can be a big hassle. But with your close circle of friends, half of the formalities can be forgotten.  Also, little parties with three or four people are a nice way of connecting without the boundaries.


When you have enough saved up, take trips. Visit a place with snow, or sand or sea. Forget places on everyone else's bucket list; in fact, just throw away the list. Travelling brings confidence which you will only acquire when you are in a foreign place on your own.

Take care

Get some health regimen into your daily routine. Think simple — take the stairs for at least up to the fourth floor, make sure you are not drinking calories, and add a handful of fruits and vegetables to your meals every alternate day. As an added tip, do not Instagram or Hashtag your diet, or work out plan. Let the results speak for themselves. 

Learn to love learning

This is where life flourishes, with learning there is no end to what you can achieve. Most people forget that even the worst experience can be adapted into a genuine chapter in life's book of learning.

Finally, 'want what you have!' While the universe dances to the tune of consumer heaven, make your statement in the single life with passion for your work and interests.

Photo: LS Archive/Sazzad Ibne Sayed

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