• Parting ways with white walls

    Ever wondered why the South-Asian in us could not cope up with dreary white walls? We are jazzy folks, we need hues and colours in all aspects of our lives and there you go - walls cannot be left alone.

  • Winter sun protection

    Just because the weather is getting colder a lot of us have the tendency to skimp on sunscreen. It is colder, not as much sun outside, and

  • Winter skincare

    With the promise of steaming cups of tea on foggy mornings, pearly dews collecting on grass and of leaves turning yellow and

  • Smells like home

    Scents are the strongest ties to a memory, but when that scent is off an old shoe, undried paint, or rotting vegetables, it is not a memory someone wants to recall.

  • Face wash dos and don'ts

    Washing our face is perhaps the most important part of our daily beauty regimen. And it is not a woman thing at all! Women and men alike should take good care of their skin, especially their facial skin, because that is where dirt and dust accumulate the most due to constant exposure.

  • Hair care made simple

    Hair care made simple

    It may seem counterintuitive, but it is actually true! If you keep getting regular trims, the hair would actually grow longer.

  • Do's and don'ts of shampoo

    Do's and don'ts of shampoo

    Who does not love a head full of hair? We worry, panic and experience sleepless nights, with hair loss seizing our mental peace.

  • All things that chill

    Worried about the summer and need for added freezer storage, especially as Eid is almost here already?

  • On the go make-up kit

    Stuck in a gridlock, yet there are miles to go!

  • How often do you clean your make-up brushes?

    Many of us would be appalled to be answering this question in public, simply due to the guilt of not doing it nearly often enough.

  • The makeup dilemma

    For days, I have stood with eyes wide open, holding my breath, watching my mother adorn herself with various cosmetics.

  • Home remedies for hyperpigmentation – natural skin lightening

    Sensitive skin is something most of us suffer from, and most of us go to extreme measures to make sure our skin is healthy...

  • Taming tan

    With the scorching summer heat comes a classic South Asian problem - tanning of the skin.

  • Summer haircare

    Yet another exciting Bengali summer has already begun. Your hair will now grow faster than any other time of the year, however, if not taken care of, even the healthiest hair can get damaged.

  • Musts for your purse

    Summer is upon us and the degrees outside are rising exponentially but nothing can be done to avoid your daily work in the scorched summer noon.

  • Curly locks

    Just when you think you have finally learned the art of taming curls, they will find a new way to be unpredictable.

  • Clean green

    What can be more comforting than a clean and tidy home?

  • Tips to save your gadget

    Can you recall an experience involving a cracked screen on your new smartphone or water spillage on your laptop that caused it to malfunction?

  • Skin Care at Home

    Everyone wishes to have glowing and flawless skin.


    Although it may be extremely comforting to return to a warm, cosy environment after enduring cold winds outdoors...

  • Healing dry skin around the eyes

    Dry skin around the eyes is a common phenomenon during winter. The skin ends up becoming flaky due to cold air but for those with a condition like eczema, the suffering is greater.

  • The dry-lip dilemma

    Who does not want beautiful, soft and supple lips? Unfortunately, it is one of those things that's easier said than done.

  • Dealing with dry facial skin

    As Bengalis, we use our hands while eating and dirt or food get stuck under our nails. That can become a haven for bacteria so be sure to get all the dirt out when washing your hands.

  • Which petroleum jelly is good for healthy skin?

    A humid climate like Bangladesh’s can stress the skin and the scorching sunlight helps dry it out and damage it further. However, petroleum jelly can be useful in preventing this.

  • Healthy nails

    Nails can have a great impact on your appearance. If your nails are not done, your look may feel incomplete.

  • How to make your skin tender and healthier in winter

    Are you suffering from a dry skin in the harsh weather? Are you looking for methods that moisturise your skin, additionally making it tender and healthier from within? Then look no more because here are some great tips to help get you winter-ready and also help to nourish your skin further!

  • 9 behaviours that make you look dumb

    Did you know there are certain behavioural attributes that make you look dumber than you might actually be?

  • Curly hair: style and care

    Most of us with curly hair face a lot of problems. Some among us even tend to hate the fact that our hair is curly. Serums, waxes, oils and flat irons - you name it, and we have tried it in the hope of managing our curls. What we do not know is curly hair does not need to be tamed; it needs to thrive!

  • Take care of your winter clothes

    Now that winter is here, you are definitely taking winter clothes out of storage. Because of this, we have searched far and wide to find you the things you can do to make your stored wrinkled clothes ready to be worn this winter!

  • Beat Winter!

    Winter is here faster than expected and seasonal changes can cause mood swings. You are expected to continue the daily routine...