• Bangladesh cuisine part I - delectable and diverse

    The Bangladeshi culinary tapestry is steeped in tradition and famous for its distinctive taste, be it savoury or sweet.

  • Walking the walk

    The trousseau, makeup, invitations, decorations and good food – seemingly the order of the messy events a.k.a. wedding are in order.

  • Of Feathers and Flights

    It was almost dusk when I heard an unfamiliar chirrup resonating from the field. Although I was already running late, I couldn't help but

  • Barbecue and grills

    Vegetarians aside, few, if any, does not relish that intense, smoky flavour that comes from grilled meat.

  • Light up your world

    After a long day at work, there's nothing more appealing than unwinding in the comfort of your own home with a steaming cup of coffee, maybe a book to read and some candles on the side.

  • Of brown sugar and Cinnamon

    There is a short but sweet window of time when the summer heat starts dwindling and just before the wedding season sets – autumn. In our country, autumn is different; its subtle nature makes it easy for us to overlook it at times. But we all appreciate the transition of the seasons when the long, humid and languorous summer comes to an end. Occasional downpours bless our windowpanes but it is mostly high sunlit clouds drifting across the clear blue sky in Autumn. The season in Dhaka is ephemeral in nature but is marked by earlier yet bright dusks as evenings becoming reasonably cooler.

  • How old are you?

    Dove is on a social mission to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety.

  • MARSIYA: The poetry of sorrow

    It will be a rare person who can claim immunity to the pains and pleasures that poetry can bring, be that in the form of lyrics or poems, sung or orated. Words are what we as people can use to express ourselves, in sadness, in love, and in mourning.

  • The bling in men's style

    As appalling as it may sound to some, men's jewellery has existed for many years now and the trend has never subsided.


    I don't know. But whenever I stand in front of Mother Durga, I stare into her eyes, because I believe that they give me a glimpse of her world and her glories.

  • Crimes of the cyber space

    Crimes of the cyber space

    Many songs of praise can be sung about how the internet has revolutionised our lives. From bridging people across the globe, to opening new platforms for sharing ideas, it has undoubtedly made tremendous contributions to social and technological advancements.

  • A darker side of Facebook

    A darker side of Facebook

    Nothing on the Internet is truly private. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but there have always been loopholes in every form of virtual security measure, whether it is in the web-based email services, or Facebook accounts.

  • Our favourites

    A cattle market, if you think of it, is a fantastic case of globalisation! From Indian to Australian cows, cattle of different countries are in abundance. There is a myriad range of cow breeds in the world, and consequently, there is a wide array of cross-breeds.

  • A responsible sacrifice

    A responsible sacrifice

    Eid ul Azha is just around the corner, and the general populous know what that entails. Sure, the bountiful amounts of meat to be cooked for later pleasure is one, however, there is an ugly side to this tempting scenario.

  • Cow dot com

    Cow dot com

    Back in the 2000s, there was one bit of conversation that always happened on repeat when Eid ul Adha drew near.

  • The tale of the tape

    Every once in a while, a meme showing an audio cassette and a pencil does rounds on the social media sites, with the caption -- “future generations will never know about this unique relationship.”

  • Batik-the art of colours

    The age-old traditional technique of creating art with layers of hot wax and coloured dyes has come back into the limelight in the recent years...

  • Floral arrangement interpreting the hanging

    One of the most romanticised, and perhaps rightly so, elements of nature are the wild flowers, and people's attempts at arranging them to enhance the beauty of the originals.

  • Freelance: how it works

    Internet, the apparent source of many modern wonders, also allows for earning money online. You can open an online business and sell goods or services.

  • A guide to online learning

    We live in an age of constant technological transformation that is driven by quite possibly the greatest invention of all time - the Internet.

  • The dreadful Karwan Bazar

    Perhaps one of Dhaka's oldest business districts, Karwan Bazar, where caravans of yore once parked, still remains one of the busiest hubs of all commercial activities in Dhaka, from white collar business to a massive grocery market and the ever smelly wholesale depot of fish that sits here every morning.

  • Run, Dhaka, Run!

    He is supposed to have run 150 miles to carry the news of the Persian landing at Marathon to Sparta in order to enlist help for the battle.

  • For the love of herbs

    Mint is perhaps one of the most common and favoured herbs. It adds a dash of freshness to any dish, be it a savoury meat curry preparation, or a light fruit salad with some ice cream.

  • Grooming for a summer Eid

    With only days left till Eid, short-term skin treatments are the way to go for those who haven't been too careful with the way they treat their skin. Tea-tree oil is very good for curing acne by getting rid of bacteria.

  • What's in hair?

    Life is too short to have boring hair. It really is. Gone are the days of the similar and traditional hairstyles which whole generations of our forefathers sported.

  • Serve a Sehri

    Ramadan, the ninth month of the Hijri calendar, the lunar Islamic calendar, is a special month for pious Muslims all around the globe.

  • The panjabi story

    With the morning Eid prayers in mind, most men will undoubtedly opt for the crisp, white panjabi.

  • The pioneering mastermind behind Anokhi

    Mehrin Mubdi Chowdhury indulges in a rendezvous with the celebrated designer Humaira Khan, learning more about the fashion world, patriotism and future plans with her brand.

  • The call of Adhan

    As the white thread of dawn appears distinct from the black, the call for prayer resonates throughout the city; Dhaka responds to the proclamation and wakes up to the invitation of the muezzin.

  • Detoxing the body: clean body, clean mind

    Do you remember the seven deadly sins? Among the seven we all have at least three in my opinion.