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  • Dried herbs and spice mixes

    Novice or pro, you cannot even begin to cook unless your pantry is stocked with essential dried herbs and spices.

  • Taking danger out of the kitchen

    Growing up in Dhaka, or in any other part of Bangladesh for that matter, we have always seen our mothers and grandmothers cook up diverse delicious dishes rich in spices each telling an age-old different story.

  • How to breakfast

    How to breakfast!

    You've hit the snooze button on your alarm twice already, proving how difficult it is to get out of bed on winter mornings. But then the delicious smell of 'niramish' and 'chholar daal' comes wafting into your room.

  • Shades - Intervention

    Caught between constant revival and abeyance, eyewear has undoubtedly been in and out of focus for over the millennia, but somewhere amidst John Lennon's vintage rounds to Kate Winslet's thick-rimmed

  • Rena Effendi's Bangladeshi Weddings

    Rena Effendi came to Bangladesh as a part of the Vogue team and to capture the glitz, glamour, cultural and traditional values of the rural and urban weddings.

  • For the power in music

    Many scientific researchers have come to the conclusion that music is active inside the womb since the foetus starts to develop an auditory system between the weeks of 17 and 19.

  • Ladies’ night out

    Friends are the family you choose for yourselves and lucky are those who have friendships lasting over decades. A circle of close women friends are each other's confidants and support system.

  • Weddings in their many flavours

    A typical wedding in Bangladesh is a melting pot of all things Bengali, and often blur the arbitrarily drawn lines of caste and class, only

  • Wearing the love for Country

    When you are dressing to express patriotism, always remember — less is more. You cannot possibly go wrong with a basic white or black T-shirt, with the flag printed on the back. But you can also be on fleek by adding a splash of colour on your nudes, blacks or whites.

  • Grocery at your fingertips!

    Have you ever been stuck in rush hour traffic on your way back from work, recounting the many things you need to get done once home?

  • Happy feet & legs too!

    The best thing about leggings is that they are versatile. They can be worn with dresses, t-shirts, long tops and kurtis. You can team them up with any kind of tops and still manage to look trendy. Made of stretch material, they fit so snugly that they suit all body types.

  • A Bengali belle's guide to Bridal Jewellery

    Ah weddings! Just the mere mention is often enough to send many a girl's heart aflutter, and most attach a plethora of emotions, sentiments, hopes and dreams to this day. For it is not just a day; it is the day a girl transitions into womanhood, her status changes from a singleton to a married one, and it beckons for her a new life.

  • Dance to the desi beat

    Amidst the flickering lights and golden curtains, the guests cannot take their eyes off the stage. The crowd is going haywire over the teenage boys dancing on 'Magic Mamoni.' A holud night is worth the hype.

  • Flawless and bright skin on D-day!

    Get appointment with an aesthetician or a dermatologist to address any skin issues that you have been facing including acne, hyperpigmentation or fine lines – ideally six months in advance. The doctor will help in customising a month-by-month regimen to help attain the perfect skin goals.

  • Of Plenty and Pitha

    Of Plenty and Pitha

    Every step of the harvest has 'over the millennia' been woven into the a cultural fabric that is Bangladesh, and this is despite the layers and layers of upgrades that were brought by technology.

  • World Children's Day-2017

    Universal Children's Day- Making a difference

    Introduced in 1954, Universal Children's Day is a day dedicated to promoting welfare and equality among children in every part of the world.

  • Whiskers this November

    Are you one of those fortunate gentlemen who have been blessed with abundant facial hair? Or, are you one of those unfortunate people who are naturally 'goatee'!

  • Halloween party

    Halloween party

    A masked ball is much more than just a party. When planned and executed right, it can thrill and enthrall one's guests like nothing else. As they say, the devil is always in the details.

  • Cosplay scene in Dhaka

    While cosplaying can seem esoteric at first glance, the concept is not too difficult to understand at all. Since its coinage and the art hitting Dhaka city for the first time, the mere hobby evolved into a vast and far-reaching community.

  • Fashion Design Council of Bangladesh presents Tresemme Khadi 'the future fabric show'

    A hand spun fabric that illustrates the rich heritage and culture of Bangladesh, khadi is a striking produce by the most talented weavers of our country. For decades, people in Bangladesh have shared a unique bond with khadi, not only for its simplistic style, but also for a sense of patriotism and pride.

  • What GOES around; COMES around

    Although the fancy term 'Boy Brow' is practically new, the idea is not. Thick, arched, feathery and dark brows, something we all see

  • Khadi Festival 2017

    The Ohé Way of Things @ Khadi Festival

    When anything creative is initiated 'just like that,' good things are definitely bound to follow. Nelun Harasgama, a reputed Srilankan fashion designer invited as a participant to Khadi Festival 2017, discusses her brand.

  • To the bone: addressing orthopaedic disorders

    Orthopaedics, as a clinical discipline, is often misunderstood, and had this not been the case, this particular health problem would not have been so common in our society.

  • Let's talk about hair fall

    Heat, rain and humidity— and anyone will cringe at the thought of getting frizzy, puffed up hair. The incessant rains are not helping your mane, while umbrellas are not enough to keep the poof at bay. The more unmanageable your hair, the more hair fall you experience.

  • Her return to the mortal abode

    Puja is a time when you pledge yourself to the glory of the Hindu gods; a time dedicated to spiritual devotion and cultural exclusivity. This is a time when you are at your cultural best; approximating the traditions and norms set by society.

  • The coming of Durga

    A long drive outside the city would have you gaping at the miles and miles of silvery feathery kashful.

  • When all else fails, call your mum

    Simmering pots of water, confusing forms of cinnamon and quantifying salt to perfection — beginner's luck only fares so well against these culinary challenges in the kitchen.

  • Grocery: an essential guide for the busy bees

    Only those who have lived abroad on their own can understand the anguish of having to cook their own meals after a day of hard work, or at university. No matter how daunting the task, there is no one to share the responsibility, or even help!

  • Fruity and Floral

    A lady is often known by her scent, and what else would provide you a better way to create your own aura but perfumes? Fragrances, which were smoky, light, fruity or floral; the variation of essence kept changing through time.

  • Decoding Perfumes

    Just as the creation of melodious music requires a combination of notes to align in perfect harmony, perfumes too need separate pieces or notes that combine to create the divine scents that we love so much.