• A strum to serenity

    To most non-musicians the guitar is simply an instrument but to people who live and breathe music it is a six-stringed companion, always there to create sound waves in resonance to that person's state of mind, a wooden base with a sound hole to collect all sorts of emotions, but most importantly a medium to express oneself and to communicate to the outside world through music.

  • Just married!

    Out of my dreams and into your arms I long to fly I will come as evening comes to woo a waiting sky. Out of my dreams and into the hush of falling shadows, When the mist is low and stars are breaking through Then out of my dreams I'll go Into a dream with you.

  • The Nakshi Kantha heritage of Bengal

    There is not a single household in Bangladesh that does not know of the Nakshi Kantha. Every newborn has his own 'Kantha' (quilt) – even if not the 'Nakshi' variant, but one possibly made by a close relative with love and much affection as the entire family greets the newest member of the house.

  • Living Blue in Paris

    It is the fashion capital of the world. Home to many of the most prestigious labels, Paris is a city that does not go out of style. It is that

  • What's in a shoe?

    If you thought Cinderella has footwear issues, ask any Bangladeshi bride frantically passing her days in a shopping spree; to her there

  • A breakfast breakdown

    A traditional breakfast can be composed of a type of bread, jam or gravy, cereals of any type and finally tea, coffee or juice, which may seem quite simple and regular.

  • My Pink Movember

    Bangladesh is ranked 2nd by WHO in terms of mortality rate from breast cancer. About 16% of all female-cancer patients are victims of breast cancer according to a WHO study.

  • Lights! Camera! Action!

    These terms are synonymous with the glitzy world of cinema. Whenever someone contemplates movies, they must mull over an unreal world governed by scripts, directors, actors and actresses. The celluloid world is much more than our simplistic perception; it is a fairly complicated process with a crucial manifestation even in anation's cultural identity.

  • Are you being entertained?

    Watching these children play a simple game with such passion and joy, one can't help but wonder why they never complain about how Dhaka has nothing to entertain us with.

  • Fish fanatic's day out

    Other than the numerous health benefits, nothing provides as much variety as fish does. From catching the liveliest fish to finding the right spices, the Bengali cuisine is closely intertwined with the massive variety of these riverine delicacies.

  • Office variations

    Deciding on appropriate office wear must be one of the most daunting task for an office-going gentleman.

  • Durga in my neighbourhood

    The sights of the gorgeous white fluffy clouds up in the pristine blue sky, and the expanses of Kashphool (Kans grass) littering the green landscapes are all nature's way of welcoming one of the biggest events in the calendar; Durga Puja.


    For centuries, poets and playwrights alike have tried to describe her beauty through their literary creations and artists have tried to capture her elegance on their canvases. Such is the mystique and allure of a Bengali woman's grace.

  • Jatra’s future by Anusheh Anadil-- A new road to commerce

    Jatra’s future by Anusheh Anadil-- A new road to commerce

    Dressed in her usual attire of cotton dhuti and kurti, Anusheh Anadil gave out an aura of purity and simplicity.

  • The midnight magic of shopping

    The midnight magic of shopping

    A sudden hush falls over a tiny nook in the otherwise noisy hustle and bustle of Mohammadpur Town Hall Market. Roshan, a butcher by profession, reacts to the query posed before him.

  • Hot new wheels for 2016

    Those days are gone when small engines spelled doom for power hungry petrolheads. Turbo-charging is a common technical sucker-punch these days with small cars offering power outputs of much larger engines.

  • My child doesn't eat anything!

    While doctors will vouch for the fact that as long as children are happy and healthy, the quantity of food they intake should not matter...

  • Our love for food

    It probably will not surprise you to learn that Dhaka is now the 'fattest' city in Bangladesh. That does not mean we have wider streets but that the people walking down these streets are wider than in other cities.

  • Care for some cheese?

    From the popular feta, cheddar and mozzarella, to more regional varieties such as the French brie or the Italian gorgonzola...

  • Menswear This Eid

    The very mention of Eid gets us excited and happy. An occasion where we get to indulge in shopping for new clothes unapologetically- what could be better? For the most part, trends are defined when it comes to women's' wear.

  • What's hot in leather

    Who would have thought that one of the hottest trends of this summer would be leather? Even though leather jackets are a big no-no because of the scorching heat...

  • Be comfy in casuals this Eid!

    Eid is an occasion of festivities when we like to spread the cheer in every aspect of our lives.

  • An easy guide to Taraweeh

    Ramadan is a blessed month, and blessed is the prayer that is known as Taraweeh. Numerous Muslims worldwide strive to go...


    Grey hair was a symbol of being old back in the day, but those days have changed. Aging is a natural process which a lot of us want to avoid, but nature is persistently keen on bringing it upon us.

  • Youngster's code to fashion

    They say fashion is for all. Yet, our lifestyle appears to be significantly lacking fashion trends for one age group and that is definitely those between eight to twelve years old. Kids and preteens within this age group are confined in a limbo between childhood and upcoming days of being a grownup. During these times, creating a wardrobe or making a fashion statement can be quite baffling.

  • Hydration 101

    Increasing water intake is an absolute must in order to survive this summer. Drinking 9 to 10 glasses of water a day is a healthy start.

  • Breaking bread this Shab-e-Barat

    Light, flaky crisp on the outside, soft, fluffy and airy on the inside. Butter-glazed or chilli-spiced. Covered with garlic, cheese, sugar or toasted sesame seeds. Fried in ghee or served dry.

  • 90s Takeover

    If you were born in the early 90s like I was, you might find it a bit difficult to wrap your head around the fact that the 90s were not 10 years ago. We're rapidly approaching our 30s now and if you were a 90s kid you must remember what was trendy back then and you may just be surprised seeing those trends crop up again in 2016.

  • Gabardine- the wonder fabric

    The word 'gabardine' is of European origin, referring to a loose cloak worn in the Middle Ages. Traditionally, the fibre used to make the fabric was worsted wool or cotton.

  • In love with long, flowing gowns

    Perhaps, our love for ball gowns emerges from the nostalgia and the constant willingness to reconnect with childhood fantasies. There is possibly not a single living soul on earth that has not heard about fairytales and the pretty princesses dressed in long, swaying dresses.