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  • Aarong - Preview Fashion Show

    In luminous grandeur and extravagance, Aarong, the country's largest lifestyle retailer hosted a dazzling fashion show as an exclusive preview event to mark the launch of its much-anticipated Baishakh 1425 collection.

  • Romanticising the city with 'DhakaYeah'!

    Amidst the traffic filled with drivers cussing at each other, the burning heat and the unwanted dirt, there is no place on earth we would rather be than Dhaka City.

  • Play real life dollhouse at Eskay

    Playing houses is something most of us as children cherished, from making pillow forts to tea parties with the house pet and questionable water.

  • Shoe… and the clutch too…

    One must not only think style and glamour, while selecting the shoes, keep comfort in mind (as it should be an important feature to consider); and make the handbag chic!



    If you were to pick a favourite amongst all the activities, I am sure most would opt for the shopping spree, because there simply cannot be anything second to the delight of the experience.

  • Aranya a journey back to the wilderness

    Since its inception, Aranya has been revered and supported by patrons from both home and abroad. At a time when markets are flooded with synthetic, mass produced fabrics, and boutiques using them thriving and dying out at the same pace, Aranya has been going strong for almost three decades. A visit to the shop will reveal the secrets behind its success.


    Does the monsoon weather strike the romantic chord in you? Does it feel like the appropriate time to catch up with old friends, have some coffee while discussing lines from Tagore? If it does, then you are definitely a pluviophile like the other few billion mortal beings on earth.

  • Summertime Eid by Chondona R Dewan

    It must be; because summer means all of these and so much more to every single one of us. So many romantic poets have penned down the picturesque representation of summer.

  • Le Reve's Pahela Baishakh Collection

    Pahela Baishakh is one of the most important cultural festivals for Bengalis, celebrated with much pomp and fervour.

  • Warez Panjabis for Baishakh

    Red and white has been the go to colour for Baishakh. But that does not mean that creativity in what you wear is limited to that.

  • Little things that matter

    At times, little things matter the most, especially if you happen to have a child to take care of, as then even the smallest things become of monumental importance!

  • Fresh bloom in winter - Preali Collection the serene fashion store in the capital

    Dismal winter discourages even the most fashionable from donning latest trends. The season, perhaps with its chilly wind and the misty fog persuades everyone to try out monotonous colours like grey, beige and white.

  • Tatee Ghar

    Blood red Katan wrapped around a beautiful bride or the burly wood cotton sari worn by the village belle – whichever looks more tempting, the hind-story of handloom or 'Taant' remains the same in both cases.

  • Fusion of the classical and the contemporary

    An online store with more than 22,000 followers on Facebook, 6 Yards Story, is a flourishing store and a favourite of many fashionistas of today. The page started off in 2012 selling taant saris, brought directly from the famous 'taant ghor' in Sirajganj but later shifted to making trendy jewellery infused with traditional influence. It appeals to youngsters for its exclusive and chic designs.

  • Aarong's ravishing wedding collection

    Bangladesh's iconic brand Aarong is one that we associate with delicate local craftsmanship, versatility, guaranteed quality and of course a social cause – empowerment of rural artisans in an effort towards poverty alleviation.

  • O2 - A one-stop solution to shopping

    Men's collection at O2 is plentiful, having an abundance of options for different sizes, fits and cuts.

  • Md Amir Hossain Rangan

    Revolution in the making: A jute story

    The geography of Bangladesh is perfect for jute cultivation, and Bengal historically has been known as a formidable player in the global jute industry.


    Juvan wants to attract working customers, and has kept their price reasonable for bulk purchases.

  • Le Reve's Spring/Summer Collection

    Last season's trending checks have become smaller and finer, while a focus on fabric structure and texture is apparent in the organic shapes and pinpoint asymmetrical effects.

  • Armadio Eid Collection

    Armadio, known for their perfect fitting and neat tailoring, brings you a whole new range of Eid collection. With their perfect line of western outfits, this Eid they launched their desi couture on 3rd June and this will be on display throughout Ramadan.

  • Contemporary wear for Eid

    Eid mornings are probably the busiest time of the day. Managing household work, receiving guests, and looking flawless, and all at the same time too, may sound somewhat intimidating, but with the casual contemporary look, you can easily look gorgeous with minimal effort. Gone are the days where traditional clothes were the only option! In fact, if you want to survive the summer heat and the occasional spells of rain and almost constant humidity, contemporary clothing is the trendy and practical option, for taking both style as well as comfort into account.

  • #Sciccosofied

    One of the best ways to express yourself is through what you wear. Your outfit can reflect your mood, style and your personality. So, why limit yourself to mundane, bland dresses when you have the potential to do so much more?

  • House of Verona: haven for classy knick knacks

    Your home is a reflection of your personality: it is your story. Decorating it with the right pieces go a long way into expressing who

  • Urban Truth bringing back the 90s

    Famous among youngsters for its ability to bring in the latest trends, Urban Truth has brought back the 90s vibe in their spring/summer collection.

  • Summer fashion from Pride Girls

    When it comes to clothes, we all want something that is comfortable and trendy. For women who are looking for simple yet elegant designs that can give ample comfort this summer, Pride Girls is your destination.

  • Zoan Ash the newest designer label in town

    Having launched the line sometime in summer 2015, she speaks of her biggest inspiration: Paris. The fashion capital of the world, its glitz and glamour has always intrigued and fascinated her, from where her love for dresses and designer labels and celebrities grew.


    Have you been feeling stressed lately? You wake up with a nagging headache that stays with you throughout the day...

  • Watches World

    Wrist watches have come a long way since their utilitarian origins back in World War I.

  • Z and Z!

    Spring is just around the corner and with it, she brings her many gifts.

  • Sombre black and white

    “It was not an inspiration; more of a dream -a dream that a spectacular range of limitless designs can be created with the simple combination of just