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  • Holy Shab-e-barat 2018

    Auspicious Shab-e-barat

    Shab-e-barat is approaching and your neighbourhood grocery stores are already stocked up with ghee and spices. The fish and bhortas of the last week are well behind, and rich sweet and savoury recipes are being dusted out.

  • Bread 101

    When comparing dinner tables of a Bengali and a Westerner, it's hard to understand the importance of bread in our diet as ours mostly consists of rice. That's not to say that bread has no place here, as we have our own way, time and type of breads to consume, making it very much a part of Bengali diet and cuisine. Bread's significance does not merely lie in its many nutritional properties. Its history and significance in culture and different religions is enough to fill tomes in museums across the globe.

  • Sweets for Shab-e-barat 2018

    Sweets for Shab-e-barat

    Fast forward to today, and you will see that love for traditional Bengali sweets is still going strong. Unfortunately, the only thing that seems to have changed is that we now have literally no time to dabble into the wizardry of sweet-making as the city life has its own set rules, which mostly do not include making desserts at home.

  • Where have all the lamps gone?

    As the evening gradually flowed into the night, earthen lamps were burned and fairy lights bedecked buildings just like stars adorn the night sky. As the flames flickered in the wind, echoes of laughter and excited voices filled the air already laden with the smell of freshly made halwa-roti. The streets of Dhaka were getting ready to celebrate Shab-e-barat, the fabled night of fortune and forgiveness.

  • Recipe for change

    My culinary experiments began at the tender age of seven, and involved puddings, singaras and vegetable rolls.

  • A kitchen revolution

    While historians debate over how the city was founded, there is no doubt that Dhaka has been a witness to time, and all the changes that come with it.

  • Lungi - our very own globetrotter

    Going through the lanes of Gulistan or Hawker's Market, you find a cosy little nook of shops thronged by men of all ages. Among the calls of the vendors and the men hauling each other, you notice the neat stacks of fabric surrounding you. Upon closer inspection, you realise that the stacks are just lungis —checks and plaids, and in various hues of blues, whites and greys.

  • Masks for that wedding glow

    Best suited for all skin types, the naturally moisturising honey mask helps lighten skin tone and cleans the pores, leaving you glowing.



    Bengalis are an adaptive nation — good or bad, we accept things easily. Social norms are like the fillers for decorative empty vessels, they fill the void and while doing so, often go through a series of recodifications.

  • The dyeing dilemma

    When Zayn Malik dyed his hair platinum blonde people from across the globe rushed to the nearest salon with an image of the former One Direction sensation with high hopes of transforming themselves to Zayn.

  • Khadi - An eco-friendly product for the soulful

    It is surely a proud moment for Bangladesh; we are set on a high tide to reviving our lost heritage. Muslin, Jamdani, Khadi, Nakshi kantha – these very names restore a connection to our very own royal past; rich heritage and the unique talent of our artisan weavers.

  • The meaning of sacrifice

    It is not their meat nor the blood that reaches Allah, it is the piety of the believer— the holy Qur'an (Chapter 22; Verse 37)

  • In diversity we believe

    According to United Nations' website, “There are an estimated 370 million indigenous people in the world, living across 90 countries. They make up less than 5 percent of the world's population, but account for 15 percent of the poorest.”

  • Comfortable in plus size

    36-24-36...astonishing figures...and somewhat of a holy grail! If you struggle to fit into a size zero...

  • Stepping into the jazz scene: A listener's guide

    Often we find that popular music, or the 'pop scene' as we know it, is just not enough to feed the soul in a manner we might need.

  • Writing in style — the notebook edition

    Hardly anyone writes anything by hand in class these days.

  • Grandma's embroidery

    The magic that lies in the thread and needle can only be coaxed by the most seasoned of fingers.


    Shami kebab, Jali kebab, Afghani kebab; if these names have managed to tingle your taste buds then you are definitely interested in what we are about to share.

  • Crazy cravings

    Moistened, deep fried lentil balls dipped in rich creamy mixture of yoghurt, garnished with the perfect concoction of tangy and spicy signature sauce...

  • Crazy Cravings

    Have you ever wondered if sweet-toothed people are also sweet in nature? No one cares really! All we are interested in are jilapis for now.

  • The mystical teep

    The Bengali belle is never complete without the bindi or the teep; as we usually love to call it.

  • Children and consumerism

    We live and breathe in a consumerist world, a world where participating in the rat race is becoming the norm often at the expense of spending quality time in the company of people we love most.

  • Days of the radio

    'Nostalgia' is probably the first word we associate with 'radio'. A 5-minute break from the hassles of Friday traffic, a request show and a song for your lover, or that catchy jingle simply refusing to erase itself from memory – these are what make radio, RADIO!

  • Perfecting the Falgun look

    The end of another drab winter and the beginning of a verdant spring - Pohela Falgun, the first day of the Bengali month of Falgun, brings along with itself a stream of vibrant colours and haul of festivals.

  • Eyes of the Divine

    Look up, and you will see brilliant parades of clouds on the backdrop of clear blue skies. See around you. Bushes of 'kashphool' have blossomed here and there.

  • Art that is useful

    Art that is useful

    There are a variety of designs, many of them traditional, that are stitched onto Nakshi Kanthas. Sometimes the designs are in the form of flowers blooming in a garden, while other times they are the boast more classic motifs such as an array of kalshi (water pitcher) or haat pakha (hand fan).

  • A song of rain and colour

    The moss grows thick on the wall. Nourished by the fresh downpour of monsoon, plush layers of green take over uncovered portions of the plastered brick-and-mortar-boundary. The peeled walls put on a new cloak; the faint traces of sunburnt paint, now enveloped from vision.

  • Iced tea with a punch

    Almost all Dhaka city coffee hotspots offer a variety of cool, summer drinks and iced tea seems to be one of the most popular...

  • The tablecloth dilemma

    Tablecloths are something that we all need, be it as a household necessity to keep the dust and scratches off your polished mahogany table or even as a decorative piece all in and of itself.

  • The spirit of Jumu'ah

    Islam places a huge significance on Friday. The above words, from Hadith, hold testament to that. It is on Friday we assemble together at a mosque to attend Jumu'ah, a weekly prayer that is full of spiritual and social importance.