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  • Of food and tunes

    Did you ever find yourself running over to the TV when you heard a certain familiar tune only to find it was being performed in an orchestra or as a concert piece?


    Fashion blogging is extremely popular all over the world. So popular that fashion bloggers with a minimum of 2k followers on Instagram.

  • Reality Checks with Tea Leaf Reading

    Tea leaf reading is a fortune telling art that let's your inner psy-guru run wild. For holistic people, this is one fun spiritual activity because the subconscious mind comes out to play.

  • Rickshaw art With love from Biskut Factory

    One would imagine that a person who prefers to go only by his first name, and that too — Biskut — would be quite charming and animated.

  • Al-Haramain — the wonderland of perfumery

    Being a front-runner in perfumery since 1970, Al-haramain has being quite a favourite brand in the Middle East, as well as countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Raising the mercury with Samuel Hoque

    After a killer 2016 with two successful collections under his belt and a mountain of accolades for his showing at the Weavers Festival last year, Samuel Hoque has every reason to be flying high.

  • Falling back in love with scarves

    Almost everyone has a scarf in their wardrobe; even though typically used as an alternative to the dupatta these scarves can be donned...

  • Scarves to look sensual and glamorous

    How many times have you wanted to spice up the drab or monotonous look with something that was just lying around in your drawers?

  • By any other name…

    From being compared to the beloved's face, to relay burning passions and hidden messages in plain sight, or pressed into the pages of a book long forgotten, roses have proved their versatility, beyond doubt and in all of living memory.

  • Ice cream; guilt free!

    From children smothering their faces with melted cream to the elderly quietly enjoying the brain freeze, ice cream truly is a universal dessert that we all love and often crave.