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  • Tis' the season (almost) for Lassi

    Lassi is not just a popular summer drink but there are different versions of it made throughout the entire Indian sub-continent.

  • The wonder between spout and handle

    It is next to impossible to find anyone who has not heard the nursery rhyme “I'm a little teapot, short and stout…”! Ceramic or metal,

  • Niharikas Love for the bold

    Niharika's Love for the bold

    That spirit of standing out has garnered the bespoke jeweller a following of over twenty-three thousand on social media and international recognition, in a span of just five years.

  • Recipe collecting through the ages

    Growing up, you have probably seen your mother resort to a special drawer that is only opened before special occasions or when you had guests over.

  • The Butterfly Park & Research Centre

    Floating about like flying colours and always a little out of grasp, butterflies are graceful creatures. To shed light on why these alluring insects exist and what seemingly-underrated role they play in nature, the Butterfly Park and Research Centre was opened at Jahangirnagar University in 2015.

  • Wedding Sherwani selection tips

    Sherwani guidelines for the groomsmen

    A sharply cut suit is ever stylish and classic, but the sherwani is in a league of its own. Steeped in tradition and history, it embodies our culture and heritage like nothing else. Donning a sherwani immediately makes a man stand taller, adopt an elegant gait, and revel in his masculine grace.

  • Capsule winter wardrobe

    There is a beautiful chill in the air, which means warm clothing is in order, but where does one begin when selecting the items needed to deal with the changing weather?

  • Surviving fish market

    Surviving in a fish market

    ‘Maach-bazaar' or fish markets can be found in almost every small and big locality of this lush riverine land.

  • Skin hydration

    Skin hydration: The salon story

    Despite its relative short lifespan in Bangladesh, winter is perhaps the most lovable season of the year. The chilly breezes call forth a series of winter weddings and parties that go on as long as this pleasant weather lasts.


    The seemingly dreary chills of winter are in fact the perfect time to set up little outings, especially those that rekindle romance or strengthen bonds with siblings and friends. No glaring sun and no sign of the all ruining humidity make

  • Selfie Vs Portrait

    Human civilization has already crossed milestones in the effort of capturing faces — paintings of the elites of the renaissance and photos of the world war martyrs and veterans.

  • The layering game

    Cold winds clanging the wind chime, windows kept shut since sunset while the ceiling fans hang silently over us. Even the slightest creak of a door two storeys above can be heard. If you were waiting for a white dove to announce the coming of winter, you surely missed the event already.

  • For the bubbly bride

    While we dread ourselves in wonderment if our skin will ever feel baby soft and acne free, SoaperStar has established its demand in the market, and it just might be the Wonder Woman of beauty products!

  • Banglar Bhoot: Creatures of the beyond

    Some of us are strong believers of other realms, while others strictly believe we mortals are the only ones treading the earth. No matter which side you belong to, taking a stroll down a dark lane has probably made you wonder about the creaks that seem to follow.

  • Denim dilemma solved

    Denim is undoubtedly one of our favourites and an everyday essential for most of us. Despite an ever-changing world of fashion, the one thing that never seems to go out of style is denim. It has remained resilient

  • Music for your car

    First and foremost, check whether you really need a sound system or not. Most modern cars already have great sound systems and

  • The wonders of Doja Market

    For fashion-lovers and aspiring designers out there, the ever-bustling hub of inspiration on a budget has always been Doja Market, opposite of the main gate of Dhaka College near New Market.

  • Cuddly newborns in front of the lens

    The arrival of a newborn brings with it excitement, love and a newly found sense of responsibility.

  • Cut it short or blow it out

    Voluminous hair with bouncy locks is a universally flattering look. Blowout hair adds shine and makes all types of hair look healthy, soft and classy.

  • Mummylicious

    An expectant mum is likely to experience many changes during her pregnancy. The most crucial one is the change in physical appearance, which tends to affect self-esteem and confidence levels. In such a difficult time one's wardrobe can play a key role.

  • Personalised gifts for the foreign friend

    Post millennium Bangladesh is not quite what we expected it to be. As the country's economy is flourishing, more and more people are travelling abroad on business trips, to attend events, or simply for pleasure.

  • Owning the gift-exchange game

    A big bouquet of flowers, a lovable stuffed toy, a card with a wish full of blessings — these are often the elements that instantly pop in one's mind when thinking of Eid gifts, of course apart from the obvious clothes and shoes. There are also the options of stationery, cosmetics, bags and little knick knacks.

  • Of food and tunes

    Did you ever find yourself running over to the TV when you heard a certain familiar tune only to find it was being performed in an orchestra or as a concert piece?


    Fashion blogging is extremely popular all over the world. So popular that fashion bloggers with a minimum of 2k followers on Instagram.

  • Reality Checks with Tea Leaf Reading

    Tea leaf reading is a fortune telling art that let's your inner psy-guru run wild. For holistic people, this is one fun spiritual activity because the subconscious mind comes out to play.

  • Rickshaw art With love from Biskut Factory

    One would imagine that a person who prefers to go only by his first name, and that too — Biskut — would be quite charming and animated.

  • Raising the mercury with Samuel Hoque

    After a killer 2016 with two successful collections under his belt and a mountain of accolades for his showing at the Weavers Festival last year, Samuel Hoque has every reason to be flying high.

  • Al-Haramain — the wonderland of perfumery

    Being a front-runner in perfumery since 1970, Al-haramain has being quite a favourite brand in the Middle East, as well as countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Falling back in love with scarves

    Almost everyone has a scarf in their wardrobe; even though typically used as an alternative to the dupatta these scarves can be donned...

  • Scarves to look sensual and glamorous

    How many times have you wanted to spice up the drab or monotonous look with something that was just lying around in your drawers?