• Speakers 101

    Ask any layman, a 'zilch-tech', the definition of a speaker, chances are they would immediately conjure an image of pitiful pocket-sized Bluetooth speakers, or the familiar monstrosities they find in rock concerts.

  • The perfect hot chocolate

    There are people who do not like hot chocolate, even on chilly winter mornings! To those poor creatures still dwelling in the gloomy ignorance of one of life's greatest joys, please accept my heartfelt condolences.

  • Soundtrack for the 'deshi' wedding

    Let's go back a couple of decades, to the days of 'borof-pani', Powerpuff Girls and happily ever afters. Back when the Internet still had not replaced television, we would enjoy singing along jingles that played all throughout the days with our siblings and cousins.

  • Till Death Do Us Part – 5 proven ways to a happy marriage!

    They say marriage is a bond meant to last forever. When we were children, our parents read fairy tales and fancy stories of royals to us, where the young prince charming sought out his true love and married her to live 'happily ever after'.

  • A simple game of cards or not!

    Playing cards is serious business. Don't believe me? Ask little old Alice stuck in a battle with the red queen and her army of cards who by no means mean fun and games.

  • Meet Kali

    A dangerous culture of impunity cloaks this ever darkening city of ours. Dhaka, a metropolis of over seven million people cramped together, has steadily become a breeding ground for all kinds of criminal elements and the future seems bleak.

  • Know your yoghurt

    Yoghurt is one of those rare foods which are equally packed with both good taste and nutrition. Be it because of health concerns or merely a good breakfast option or easy snack, there is no doubt that it fills our stomachs while providing energy, vitamins and loads of other nutrients. And since yoghurt comes from milk, it contains more doses of animal protein and other dairy nutrients as well.

  • Brewing up Addas at TSC

    The towering mahogany trees hug each other overhead while their leaves lie flat on the streets below and collect dust from the

  • The online dilemma

    The online dilemma

    Security is key! You never know when you can be a victim of identity theft. Believe it or not, there are plenty of fake online stores that are just waiting to steal your credit card details the minute you enter them.

  • One for the men

    Nothing speaks fashion as much as the traditional panjabi during Eid. Whether you opt for a simple design for the Eid mornings or something fancier for the invites at night, they will always ooze an aura of class, sophistication and tradition.

  • Packed lunches

    Although it is very tempting to have Fakhruddin's biryani or KFC’s chicken fry every day for lunch, it is surely taxing on the stomach. When any food item is deep fried, the quality of the item becomes less healthy and multiplies in caloric density. Most of the delicious food that we can ever think of either have too much oil in them or too much sugar! So, does it mean that we must have dull and drab food everyday and keep away the delicacies for special occasions? Not necessarily!

  • Epic burger battles

    Burgers are in! But when were they 'out' though? Nevertheless, given that Dhaka today has a myriad range of some fantastic burgers and burger places than ever before, the 'burger fever' is indeed at its peak. At the Star LS headquarters, we take our burgers very seriously. Some people like skyscraper inspired burgers whereas others prefer the traditional with tons of modern add-ons. So, we went on a burger-spree and selected the best in town and put them in competition with each other. Read on for the epic burger battles and be sure to watch the entire video of the Burger Battle!

  • To add some spice

    Spices are unavoidable in our daily food, not only for the flavours they infuse but for all sorts of medicinal benefits they bring along as well.

  • On Music

    You can take all the novels in the world and not one of them will make you feel as good as fast, as 'I've got sunshine on a cloudy day, when its cold outside I've got the month of May' - Music and Lyrics (movie)

  • Monsoon's offering

    Few things herald the coming of a new season than the blooms. Even the most uncaring lot are not oblivious to the change...

  • The perfect companion

    What makes a good accessory? What makes it perfect for an outfit? The checklist of items and qualities can be long and endless for sure, but these three accessories (mentioned below) attract focus over most others.

  • Under my Umbrella

    I do not like it when 'raindrops keep falling on my head'. I prefer being 'under my umbrella'. I like everything about umbrellas- well, except the superstition that an open umbrella indoors brings bad luck! Aside from the sheer functionality, umbrella can be such a fantastic fashion accessory. There are so many different designs and colours to choose from.

  • Knapsacks

    Backpack, a trend of the 90s, has made its way back into our lives and all for good reasons! Its functionality intrigues us...

  • Sponges for your sole

    When it comes to shoes, women are crazy about high heels.

  • Green Mango

    Shall I entice you to the power of the force? A spoonful or two is all it will take; maybe even less.

  • Dressing up for the weekends

    In terms of the types of clothes you buy, investing in pieces that are simple, classic and versatile allows you to not only justify an extravagant price tag (as they will last you numerous seasons without ever going out of style) but also means that the majority of the items in your wardrobe can be mixed and matched with minimal hassle or clashes.

  • Let's nail this!

    The first step is to pick the right shade and the right type of nail polish.

  • Safe riding

    Imagine you are stuck in traffic, noises surrounding you - cars honking, people screaming, traffic police whistling, sellers knocking on your car window.

  • Reviewing TAAGA

    Popular among youngsters and the foreign clientele, Taaga is one of the few lines of clothing that has been able to tend to the wants of the customers with its creative collection and affordable price ranges.

  • Smartwatch: Reinventing the wheel

    Some time ago, if you were to ask a trendy person if tech could be considered in the fashion realm, they would probably go “eeek!”...

  • Stew be or not stew be!

    On cold winter evenings you want nothing more than to snuggle up on your sofa with a blanket, your favourite show on TV or a book, and a piping hot bowl of sheer comfort.

  • Smart casuals for winter

    Dress the part this winter with smart winter casuals. For this winter, we at Star Lifestyle want to make sure that you have all the basics...

  • It’s the duck season!

    Very few people will pick duck as the tastiest meat among them all. Both beef and mutton have a sense of exclusiveness about them.


    With winter fast approaching, there are a couple of things you can look to equip yourselves with to get the best out of the oh-so-

  • Momo-licious moments

    Momos are a delicacy that have been around for some time, and recently became a hit in Dhaka. With its roots in Nepal...