• Hanging on in quiet desperation?

    Many Bangladeshis experience depression and anxiety, but the general mass lack awareness on the causes, the symptoms or treatment of mental illnesses. Often people are even oblivious to fact that they suffer from mild to severe forms of depression.

  • Emotional Freedom

    We all at some points in our lives must cope with physical ailments. Flu, fever, endometriosis, slip disk, torn ACL, ulcers, acid reflux, piles, heart conditions, diabetes, chronic pain, etc.

  • Attitude of gratitude

    In a state of gratitude, our brain releases dopamine, which makes us feel good. When you are feeling grumpy, the quickest way to change your mood is to say, Thank You!

  • Break bad habits to make space for new possibilities

    Samskara saksat karanat purvajati jnanam.

  • Transforming the mind – from anger to compassion

    The mind, or an individual's stream of consciousness, can become polluted by ignorance, attachment and aversion.