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Easy Cooking: Midnight Fried Rice

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Batman is not the only guy around who stays up at night. There is a nocturnal creature in all of us; from time to time we all stay up late, or wake up at odd hours. And that creature is no less than a monster – and a hungry one!

Open your fridge, take out a few ingredients and creep into the kitchen. You have it all to yourself - the kitchen and the whole house. Let your creative juices flow. But be quick too. And keep it simple.

Here's what you can do with a few humble ingredients such as salami, rice and eggs. Check out our quick recipe. 






Garlic Paste

Soy Sauce

Fish Sauce

Oyster Sauce



Sesame Oil




Cut up the cabbage, capsicum, and salami slices. Melt butter in frying pan and add all the cut up ingredients along with all the sauces and oils. Add in the rice, along with an egg and a pinch of salt. Fry until it’s done. 

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