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  • The life cycle of Gamcha

    Even though the use of gamchas started many years ago, more uses have been added to the list of uses. More commonly, the material is used for decorating homes as the fabric is very eye catching and gives the house a true traditional essence.

  • Chunky is Back

    Chunky jewellery is back with vengeance, be it bib chunkies, collar chunkies or statement pieces. The best thing about chunky jewellery is that you do not have to fret too much on complementing; they match with almost everything – deshi, western, tribal — the list is an exhaustive one.

  • Travels of a Bengali foodie

    Bangladesh — irrespective of its size as a nation, has always been important due to its geographical position. Over the millennia, migratory patterns have brought people to this lush delta from all regions, not only of the subcontinent, but also across the oceans.

  • Pahela Baishakh new dress collection

    The Bengali belle's ultimate guide to Baishakhi beauty!

    Without a doubt, Baishakh is the most awaited season in the Bengali calendar. What could be more uplifting than the warm sun filtering through the windows and clear blue skies?

  • The curious case of the lungi

    Summer is knocking and maximum comfort is the only style you need to look forward to. The tubular garb a.k.a. lungi is no longer just a summer essential for men. This week at Star Lifestyle, we are looking into the myriad fusion possibilities with this versatile wear — be it donning the wrap with a pleated knot, to making trendy western wear for women, we have it all! So gentlemen and ladies, do not let the heat and humidity rule you; be bold this summer and reach out to the lungi for your seasonal statement in fashion!

  • Memoirs of 1971

    Memoirs of '71

    She was the first woman in her village Boro Tajpur to have completed matriculation and move to Kolkata for pursuing higher education. When the everyday commute to the heart of Kolkata and got too difficult, her family a decided to send her to Dhaka to stay with her brother Abdul Bari and continue her college education. A decision that changed her life, forever!

  • Impressive in prints

    While Pinterest and Instragram already have us gazing in awe over the Spring 2018 fashion trends, prints are making their own headlines and creating buzz on social media. And rightfully so!


    it goes without saying that our country is diversified when it comes to physical features such as skin complexion. Although our skin tone can be broadly termed as "brown" by the rest of the world, one cannot be oblivious to the countless shades of brown that exists. So, why is that despite being so diversified, we still tend to constrain the word "beautiful" to only specific features? why is it the case that even now, being "fair" only is considered perfection instead of what we are born with?

  • Colour Game

    The Colour Game

    It is not uncommon for people to create and fall into personal comfort zones, especially when it comes to style and clothes; as spending time everyday pondering over what to wear is often a luxury ill afforded. To add a new dimension without breaking the bank, one need not fret; simply, learn to remix and add a bit of twist with contrasts when pairing the elements of your outfit-- a new combination every week!

  • terracotta jewellery design ideas

    Terracotta jewellery

    With terracotta art of the Indus Valley civilisation dating back as early as 3000 BC, one can easily say that this art form is an ideal

  • Wearing neon

    The arrival of spring brings with it a fresh splash of colours as the seasonal flora takes over the otherwise monotonous winter

  • Fluorescent shades in your wardrobe

    Fashion disasters associated with fluorescent shades are far too many. Just imagine wearing a neon green pantsuit. Not only will the

  • Chilling in a container

    Chilling in a container

    ‘River & Rain’ architect Kazi Fida said, “The client wanted us to build a temporary home instead, which he could visit during the weekends to spend time with his friends and family, and worked as something

  • Singling out singledom

    There is something that rubs an entire segment of people the wrong way when a thirty-something single person is concerned. Push the age to forty-something and you would think the social structure as you know it is crumbling.

  • The Bangla Appayon

    Let us make this clearer. Although we hated being ruled by the British, some of us did become ardent fans of their lifestyle and upbringing. Hence the emergence of the many garden parties a.k.a tea parties in our subcontinent, today! But do these tea parties have to be an exact copy of the British? Not necessarily so!

  • Winter work wear

    Winter work wear

    When you think of an office outfit, you have to make sure it is simple yet formal enough to make your 9 to 5 day more comfortable. With the temperatures dropping rapidly outside, sometimes it can be a pain in the neck to come up with the best outfit combinations for the fashion conscious working women.

  • A new year’s state of mind

    Party on My Mind

    Common sense suggests that if you are planning to dance your way into the New Year, then you should opt for jeans or flowy gowns that do not restrict your movement.

  • Christmas food

    Christmas for Bengalis and expatriates

    Alfred, a 20-something law student in Dhaka, spoke of Christmas to me, but it was not what I had expected to be associated with the

  • Lungi

    I rested comfortably on the back of the chair at the auditorium, as a live streaming of 'epic rap battles of history' unfolded before me. And interestingly enough, it got me thinking. Hmmm…tradition; comfort; assimilation of culture; lungi!

  • Light Winter Wear

    Light Winter Wear

    Thanks to global warming, sweater weather is not quite here yet. The slow arrival of winter means that quite often one is stuck between feeling chilly or too stuffy.

  • Of Weddings and Winter_01


    You looked like a vision of bridal beauty, the décor was exquisite, and the food was scrumptious.

  • A Classic Wedding_Sunerah

    A Classic Wedding

    Choosing the right outfit for one's wedding, in a nutshell, is complicated. Right after getting engaged the bride gets giddy with excitement over her impending wedding and puts all her plans in motion right away. Her outfit has got to be the most exquisite, most beautiful and one of a kind. Wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, she begins the search with her entourage in tow. Little does she know what awaits her! While it is expected to be the most thrilling experience, sometimes it is really not so rosy.

  • Winter Bloom-01

    Winter Bloom

    Bright flowers usually bloom in spring, but does that mean we cannot discuss it in winter? On the contrary! Renowned fashion designer Maheen Khan's, London Fashion Week compilation proves otherwise; with a collection emphasizing just the bloom.

  • mughal opulence

    Our lustrous past

    His words may seem slightly exaggerated at the moment but the Mughal miniature paintings depicting royalty at the Victoria and Albert Museum in England depict nothing less of a clarification.

  • Horror movies through the ages

    The ultimate visual canvas is the silver screen. It should be of no surprise that the history of evolution of the horror genre on the big screen needs a course of its own! From black-and-white caped vampires (and their glamourous continuations in the later years) to chainsaw wielding maniacs to psychotic serial killers, fear now comes in every possible permutation and there is still more to come.


    When autumn arrives, we want to revel and dress up in all its colours, and exude life in all of nature’s bright shades.


    Now, here is a hard and fast rule, if you are wearing a black suit, do not wear brown shoes or belt with it. The contrast is too distinct, taking all the attention away from your face, all the way down to your shoes.

  • Fashion for the global audience

    Chandana R Dewan, taking part in the Bangladesh Fashion Week 2017, in London is representing the unique tribal fashion existent in Bangladesh.

  • Crossing boundaries through heritage textiles

    Fashion is not merely the clothes that a person wears — it is much more. It involves a strong connection to the roots of a nation, a link to its past, a vibrant present, as well as a scope for the future. With millions of workers dedicating their time in the commerce, it has a strong link to social obligation and communal responsibility.

  • Invoking the Spirit of Durga

    'Baro mashey tero parbon' — an expression that belongs solely to this dazzling delta and its people. These 'tero parbon'-s embrace all religious and seasonal festivals that are as old as the land itself. From joyful, colourful, welcoming processions to cheerful festivities centred on the lunar calendar, the nation has a long-standing pride of celebrating every occasion. This mirth and joy is seen in Durga Puja as a vibrant shade as it celebrates vanquishing evil in whatever form it can take.