• Stripes all the way!

    Stripes are perhaps the oldest yet never-been-out of style element of fashion, if ever there was one.


    Perhaps the most “bridal” of all jewellery pieces, the 'tikly' has recently seen an urban revival. Bridal headpieces have been a time long tradition in Bengali weddings,

  • Back to India

    It was in the wee hours of the morning when I was helping my father carry back tea in traditional kulhars inside Howrah station in Kolkata.

  • Sewing together pieces of fabric

    Patchwork has been extensively experimented on, by designers from all over the world, to produce exquisite bags, wall-hangings, cushion covers, skirts, waistcoats, jackets, even saris and kurtis.

  • The Cotton Chronicles: Tale of the white gold

    Cotton, a natural fibre is often termed as 'White Gold' of the textile industry. It is a soft, absorbent and breathable material.

  • Reviving the Khadi: A link to our past

    The word Khadi is derived from khaddar which essentially means a fabric developed through weaving handspun yarns on a handloom. The entire process, separation of cotton from the seed, to spinning and weaving of fabric is carried out manually.


    Don't worry; you don't have to choose just yet! The teenage years are the prime time to experiment with fashion. So don't hold yourself back! However, diving in blind can be rather dangerous, and here are just a few ways to make your transition easier.

  • Bringing back the puffed blouse

    The sari is an entire look that includes the blouse and the petticoat. Ever since the birth of saris, puffed sleeved blouses have been a hot favourite amongst ladies.

  • "How old are you?"

    How old are you?' The very moment you ask this question to a lady, she would feel extremely uncomfortable. From age-old courtesy calls, we have learned that it is extremely rude to ask a woman anything regarding her age. Even research has revealed that majority of women refuse to answer questions related to their date of birth. 'Today's world though has seen numerous social and religious taboos being shattered to bits and pieces. When people are fighting against serious issues like abortion and child labour, it is strange that a silly and disapproved outlook regarding a woman's age still persists. We had to find out what caused such inefficacies and why women felt uncomfortable taking about their age. Our interview panel consisted of eminent female personalities, from social media stars to bankers, of our nation to get an in depth understanding of the issue and understand their thoughts regarding the subject-matter.

  • Edifices of the past

    Since it is a part of Farashganj, the area must have been of some significance even before the twentieth century when it was titled Bashanta Kumar Das Road, as a tribute to a philanthropist by this name.

  • The Belle From Bengal

    The Belle From Bengal

    Ah, where does one begin with the rich cultural heritage and tradition of the magical land of Bengal? From the high pedestals of art and culture to the everyday humdrum of daily life, it is deeply steeped in age-old customs and traditions.

  • On the third day of Eid

    The third day of Eid is the best, I think. Day one usually goes by in a flash. The morning exhausts itself in the rush attending Eid prayers and sacrificing the cattle. Then there is the butchering business, processing and distributing meat amongst poor and the loved ones, and finally, accomplishing the highly managerial task of stuffing the remaining meat in the refrigerator. It is a lot of work.

  • Hot wax; haute couture

    The end of the millennium brought style and fashion to every Bangladeshi doorstep. Budding designers experimented with tie n' dye, hand block prints infused with embroidery and other value additions, and local fashion took feeble steps to a full grown industry that we now see.

  • The sisterhood of sartorial spirit!

    Life, with all its twists and turns, is not easy, and looking good and feeling fabulous is not either. Knowing what works best for me is great, but sometimes too much of a good thing can be not so good.

  • Colours from lives unknown

    Today is the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. It is not common knowledge that Bangladesh is home to about 35 ethnic communites, roughly consisting of 2.5 million people – 1.5 percent of the population.

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

    Perhaps, there is not a single lady in the world that does not love the colour pink. Some kind of a natural affinity exists between pink and us women.

  • White is right

    The reason white came to so much popularity has less to do with purity and more to do with commercial reasons. White coloured t-shirts were expensive to maintain and they

  • Treading Brows

    Eyes are said to be the windows to one's soul, and the old adage holds more truth than it gets credit for. Eyes express a lot about a person's state of mind; sometimes saying it all when the tongue fails. And critical to the eyes, often overlooked, but vital in every sense, are the eyebrows. Just as one's hair frames the face, adding character to the overall personality, eyebrows frame the eyes and complete their story.

  • Tempt with Taant this Eid!

    It is a fact universally known that Bengali women love their saris. We adore saris of all kinds- silk, chiffon, georgette, cotton —name it, and we want it! And this love knows no discrimination. In the closet of every self-respecting fashionista hangs a wide variety of saris in various colours, textures and designs. Wispy laces share space with heavy Katans, and embellished, crystal-studded net saris jostle for room with simple cotton Kota and Jamdanis.

  • Traditional jewellery reimagined

    It is a fact universally known that women love their jewellery. Necklaces, earrings, bangles - you name it, we adore it! Among all other kinds of jewels it is the traditional heirlooms that hold most value in our hearts. Precious trinkets that have been worn with love and pride and have seen many glittering parties in the past are truly special.

  • TRESemmé presents 5 years Celebration of The Lustrous Runway

    The fifth edition of TRESemmé presents 5 years Celebration of The Lustrous Runway, fast becoming the country's premier fashion show...

  • Nose Pins: pinning a style statement

    Nose pins are a big part of tradition in many countries. Even though it was a part of Middle Eastern culture, in the 16th century, the wives of the Mughal kings of India started to wear nose pins in the most simplest of forms. The pins were floral patterned dots attached to a small stem which had a firm screw to hold it inside the nostril. They were also seen wearing big circular hoops which covered a part of their upper lip.


    No, you do not always need to be covered in five layers of makeup to look impeccable. Neither do you need to be heavily accessorised all the time to look trendy. In fact, in this summer heat, the statement “simplicity is style” has never been more true.


    Have you ever wondered why we like ice cream so much? Other than the fact that it is refreshing in the summer and it also gives us a bit of extra energy, there is actually more to this creamy goodness than meets the eye. Unlike everything else in life, ice cream understands your need for individuality. Whether you are a busy ambitious person juggling three jobs or someone taking a break and enjoying the little things in life, there are enough flavours to suit every mood! That might get confusing at times, here's a little a guide to all things ice cream!

  • Summer pants

    As the summer heat waves sweep over Bangladesh, comfortable clothing becomes a necessity. While picking your pants, make sure that the fabric is comfortable. Avoid synthetic fabrics and opt for natural ones such as cotton or linen, which will absorb the sweat from the skin and let it evaporate into the air, thus preventing the growth of bacteria and yeast. Also, go for lighter colours which will reflect most of the sun's rays, thus keeping you cooler. So, this season, whether you are going out to run errands or hanging out with your friends, here are a few types of pants that you can choose from.

  • The Wonderful World of Ceramics

    Dinnerware has come a long way from being a gloriously unstylish necessity to a chic, collectible item that is also meant for customary use.

  • Vintage to Retro - Fashion Trends That Surmount Time

    Our obstinate affinity towards the past is portrayed by how we pursue fashion from the yesteryears as if it were all still the latest craze.

  • The shade that won't fade - Sunglasses and Spectacles

    In 2007, Kanye West appeared in the music video of his hit song, 'Stronger', wearing a pair of Shutter Shades, designed by Alain Mikli.

  • Jamdani Aristocracy Unveiled!

    Amongst the many things that can be called the pride of Bengal, jamdani is one of them. Also popularly known as the 'Dhakai' sari– jamdani draping culture is said to have begun in the Maurya period, c. 320 B.C.E. Later it gained popularity during the Akbarian era (Mughal Dynasty) and earned a flared recognition during the rule of Aurangzeb. The Mughal emperor's eldest daughter Zeb –un- Nisa is said to have been extremely fond of jamdani plaits on pure muslin.

  • Fusing Flavours

    Dhaka, as a buzzing metropolis of an emerging economy is now a confluence of cultures, with numerous eateries, boutiques, and shops, offering a slice of global trends. A growing urgency is also felt for presenting a piece of Bangladesh to the people who now frequent this city and also to the Bangladeshi audience who are ever keen to rediscovering their heritage.