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    The order of the day is distinct and thus requires careful thought. For the morning, let 'less is more' dictate.

  • Baishakh Fashion 2017

    Pahela Baishakh is a burst of colours. It’s about celebrating all things new and also about rejoicing our traditions. Check out Star Lifestyle’s Baishakhi wardrobe collection, presented through a dazzling fashion show in the most picturesque of locations! Reimagine, reinvent and reinvigorate all things Baishakh!

  • Le Reve featuring new Boishakhi designs

    Le Reve, for the very first time, is including sari in its Baishakhi collection.

  • Mashiat

    The Boishakh belle

    There is something undeniably magical about the onset of Boishakh; the sticky, humid air echoing the debris of the past year ravaging one's soul, which is washed away by the cathartic downpour following the magnificent Boishakhi thunderstorm.