Letters to the Editor | Page 2 | The Daily Star
  • Reform the quota system now!

    The government should understand that the nation cannot move forward with an unjust system. A large section of students has raised their voice against the current quota system making it clear that they feel it is unfair. Simultaneously, it should be remembered that it is also inconsistent with our constitution.

  • Consider demands of quota protesters

    The fact that the government has responded heavy-handedly to the legitimate protests by the students should be condemned. A large number of students have for so long protested what they consider an unfair quota system in the public recruitment sector. Instead of hearing their demands, the government has tried to simply ignore the issue.

  • The prospect of 'Sonali Bag'

    The Daily Star on April 8 ran a report titled “Forget polythene.” The report stated that a group of Bangladeshi researchers invented an environment-friendly alternative to polythene bag. That's certainly big news. Sonali Bag is biodegradable, yet air and water resistant. The lead scientist of the project, Dr Mubarak Ahmed Khan, deserves our kudos for having invented a much-needed solution to the polythene scourge.

  • Easing the plight of elderly pensioners

    I recently read the letter titled “The plight of elderly pensioners” written by Wahidul Islam Akand which was published in your esteemed daily on March 31. As an elderly pensioner myself, I fully subscribe to the views expressed therein.

  • Stars' fall from grace

    Being Human is a charity organisation run by Salman Khan, a Bollywood film star. He has invested money, time and effort into it. To his

  • Make Dhaka a liveable city

    Dhaka is not only the capital city of the country but also an important part of our history, politics, art, culture and literature.

  • Reduce tobacco production

    Bangladesh has only 0.043 hectare cultivable land per capita, which is quite insufficient to ensure food and nutrition security for its population. The country is often battered by environmental hazards. These problems are likely to intensify in future. In such a country, tobacco is being cultivated on large sections of high-quality land, which is absurd.

  • A looming crisis for the Rohingyas

    As monsoon approaches, the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh face a potential weather emergency. Since they fled from violence in Myanmar , nearly a million refugees have lived in makeshift camps built on hilltops and plains spread across Cox's Bazar. Living in those camps during rainy seasons could be dangerous. There is also the risk of the spread of contagious diseases.

  • Take a hard line against bankers

    On April 5, The Daily Star published a report titled "Banks face bigger crisis" on its front page. The report, citing a think-tank, said that the decision to slash the cash reserve ratio (CRR) and allow state-owned banks to keep half of their funds with private banks, will lead to the crisis ballooning further, instead of solving it.

  • BB should independently do its job

    As private banks experience serious liquidity crises, it is essential for the Bangladesh Bank (BB) to intervene before things worsen any further. BB slashed the cash reserve requirement (CRR) by one percentage point down to 5.5 percent, effective from April 15.