Letters to the Editor | The Daily Star
  • Caring for the next generation

    The lack of proper mental development of adolescents and the absence of proper parental supervision are among the main reasons why young people between the ages of 14-18 are getting involved in unlawful activities in the country.

  • Law enforcers involved in law breaking

    When the Rapid Action Battalion was first formed in 2004, people had high expectations of the elite force. However, their expectation soon turned into disappointment, as members of Rab started to become involved in various law breaking and anti-people activities.

  • We must contain the virus

    The negligence being displayed by people when it comes to maintaining social distancing in public places is disappointing. Despite the new wave of the virus hitting the country hard, most people seem not to be taking it seriously.

  • Depression and its consequences

    Not long ago, a family of six Texan Bangladeshis were found dead. Of them, two were the sons of the family who killed their parents,

  • Help Covid patients

    For want of due support, people infected by Covid-19 are suffering. The public hospitals in our country are poorly equipped even more than a year after the outbreak.

  • Rehabilitate the intellectually disabled

    People with intellectual disabilities are often found to be living in dire straits in almost all parts of the country.

  • Make e-commerce sustainable

    For the last few years, the e-commerce market in Bangladesh has been enjoying rising popularity. Then came the coronavirus pandemic, creating an opportunity for online businesses to prosper further with the people leaning more towards online services.

  • Violence is not the way

    It is a great shame that the golden jubilee celebrations had to end amidst such violence. While the details are still unclear, it seems that both

  • Prevent price hike during Ramadan

    The holy month of Ramadan is going to start in the middle of April. Muslims around the world observe the rituals of this month with due importance.

  • Sonali Bag and its hurdles

    Although the pilot project for manufacturing “Sonali” bags or jute cellulose-based throwaway bags was successful in 2018, we are yet to see commercial production.

  • The vicious virus is still at work

    For more than a year now, life has stayed drastically changed for everyone all around the world. The coronavirus is still here, and there is no way of telling when the pandemic will finally be over.

  • Control population growth

    Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries in the world. At present, our population figure stands at over 160 million, and the continuous growth in numbers is having a negative impact everywhere.

  • Pandemic-hit economy

    In Bangladesh, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a socio-economic crisis. Many rural citizens working in the capital had to leave Dhaka as they could not afford to pay rent and afford other necessities during the lockdown.

  • Neglected hygiene norms

    The rate of Covid-19 infection is rising again, and many people are still ignoring the prescribed hygiene rules.

  • Unfit vehicles on the roads

    A large number of the public buses and other vehicles in Bangladesh are unfit for roads, yet they move without any problem and often without legal paperwork.

  • Dhaka’s noise pollution

    Dhaka is a city plagued with noise pollution. As the capital of one of the most densely populated countries, it suffers from incessant noise from car horns, loud speakers, construction work, etc.

  • Strictly enforce polythene ban

    It is most unfortunate that polythene bags are being used for grocery shopping even to this day. Polyethene bags were banned in 2002, but they are still being used despite the availability of other alternatives—such as jute bags.

  • Where online businesses are going wrong

    E-commerce flourished tremendously during lockdown. The growth that the sector witnessed during the peak of the pandemic may not have been possible otherwise maybe for a few years.

  • Rice self-sufficiency is vital

    With natural disasters of various types occurring around the world, we need to attain rice self-sufficiency and ensure a reliable supply chain so that

  • DSA must go!

    There can be no denying that the risks of the Digital Security Act far outweigh its benefits, if any. This has been proved beyond doubt over the past two years or so since the enactment of the law.

  • Misuse of sitting service buses

    There are numerous passenger-faring vehicles on our roads, with buses mostly being used for commuting.

  • Vaccination could help universities reopen

    The pandemic has resulted in students losing out on an entire academic year. The authorities should take urgent steps to ensure that university

  • Fate of low-value coins?

    In Bangladesh, the one- and two-taka coins are hardly considered to be of any value. At a time when goods and services costing Tk 5 or below are getting rare, it makes us wonder why coins of these values exist.

  • Violence over a cricket match

    What happened in Jahangirnagar University (JU) on February 19 is appalling. Students of JU were allegedly attacked by locals over a cricket match.

  • Woes of Bangladesh cricket team

    It was shocking to see how the Bangladeshi cricket team lost the last Test match against the West Indies. They showed disappointing levels of

  • Preserving natural gas

    The importance of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) in the daily lives of Bangladeshi citizens cannot be overstated. Almost all of us know that LPG is not

  • Reopen educational institutions

    All educational institutions in Bangladesh have been closed for about a year now, due to the pandemic. Despite several announcements to reopen

  • Expedite recruitment process

    Over the past year, due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, many government recruitment processes have been halted. And few recruitment

  • Golden jubilee of Liberation

    We are proud of the performance of the Bangladeshi military contingent in the Republic Day parade at New Delhi on January 26, in the year of the

  • Reopening schools

    Since March last year, all educational institutions have been shut due to the pandemic. Finally, there is a ray of hope as the government has decided to