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  • Sand

    Amend the law to stop excessive sand mining

    Sand is an important natural resource of our country. Proper use of sand after extraction from the quarry can contribute to economic growth and help in reducing poverty as it can create the employment opportunity to some extent.

  • Enforcement of contract in Bangladesh

    Enforcement of Contract' is a very important regime of the Ease of Doing Business Ranking of the World Bank held every year. In 2018,


    Threatening and causing of physical injury, incidents of medical negligence, malpractice by lawyers, defamation by libel or slander,

  • Laws governing us in the outer space

    Considering the recently heard-of luxury trips to the moon by business tycoons, and with the earth looking forward to send manned


    In 2010, the government resumed the post war justice out of a commitment to end the culture of denial and impunity. It was assumed that - many (if not all) of the perpetrators - will be brought to justice.

  • 'Judicial divorce' as exit

    Present Muslim divorce Laws in Bangladesh allow husbands to pronounce divorce unilaterally. The only restriction imposed on this unilateral exercise of power is to serve notice to the wife according to section 7 of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance

  • 7TH MARCH SPEECH and Preamble of our Constitution

    The historic speech of the father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on the 7th March, 1971 was

  • From Transition to Transformation

    Choices of transitional justice mechanisms have to be sensitive to the practical limits of justice in a society transitioning from military

  • To make village courts effective

    In rural Bangladesh, conflict management has been apparent over the years. The Village Courts Act of 2006, which replaced and updated the Village Courts Act of 1976, provides for the establishment of a court in every Union Council.

  • Judging apex judges by parliamentarians

    The 16th Amendment to the Constitution of Bangladesh in 2014 removed the power to impeach apex court judges from the Supreme

  • Framing a social enterprise law

    BRAC and Grameen - Bangladesh is home to two of the world's largest social enterprises. Undisputed as this fact is, it is curious that

  • Towards a sustainable criminal justice system

    Given that economic sufferings of the justice seeking people are immense in our country, the time demands a sustainable criminal

  • Compensatory justice to the victims of war

    Soon after the Second World War, by constituting the Charters of the Nuremberg Tribunal (1945) and Tokyo Tribunal (1946), the world

  • Enforcement of IPRs

    The present world is witnessing increased attention on the issues concerning Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in the policy making at


    A 2013 report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and McAfee surveyed various implications of cybercrimes on

  • No photograph policy of retailers

    Shoppers of retail stores would have noticed that many of these stores insist on a policy of not taking photographs within the store.

  • Professor Anisuzzaman, language and Bangladesh Constitution

    In the making of Bangladesh Constitution, the issue of language – particularly ‘Bangla as a language’ – had been practically very significant to be understood from two historical contexts.

  • In favour of the principle of finality

    Lord Wilberforce commented, “any determination of disputable fact may, the law recognises, be imperfect: the law aims at

  • DRONE IN BANGLADESH: Safety concerns and regulation

    Like most of the ICT related innovations, positive and negative coverage on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned

  • Unfolding sports law

    In 2003, the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution 58/5 acknowledged sport as a way to encourage learning, fitness progress and peace.

  • Bringing terrorism under the ICC Jurisdiction

    International terrorism has appeared to be a reality of life. In numerous regions of the world, it is a fact of daily life, while in others it is a theme of an agenda. The international community, has taken a wide range of measures to restrain terrorism. However, the

  • Legal issues in 3D printing

    Watching three-dimensional (3D) movies in sophisticated screen wearing a pair of gorgeous glass is a recent trend. Though the figure and letter '3D' is known to us primarily for this purpose, the developed countries see huge prospects attaching these figure and letter with a printer or scanner i.e. 3D printer or scanner.

  • Proposed income tax rules: The conflicts and suggestions

    On 29th June 2016, a gazette was published by the government proposing changes to the Income Tax Rules 1984 (ITR 1984)

  • Formalin control a few steps of strategies ahead

    Use of formalin, though we may have lost our concern about it, is not reduced in the seasonal fruits. Buying any seasonal fruit,

  • Ban on sale of tobacco to youth

    In 2003 the World Health Organization (WHO) adopted the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). In the preamble of the Convention, deep concern is expressed regarding “the escalation in smoking and other forms of tobacco consumption by children and adolescents worldwide, particularly smoking at increasingly early ages”. The Convention aims to control tobacco by providing demand and supply reduction provisions including ban on sales to and by minors as a supply reduction measure.

  • Plenty of room for legal community

    With the passage of time, technology is becoming small but smart, intelligent, more accurate, powerful and precise. One of the reasons

  • Digitalisation Of Courts

    Perhaps the biggest challenge for the judiciary in the country is to reduce the delay in the court process and remove the backlog of cases. The judiciaries in most countries however face similar problems. Cost, delay and complexity in the court system were identified in the UK as the major problems with civil justice process in 1997, which eventually resulted in the subsequent reforms and the overture of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), 1997.

  • Let's not be wild to the wildlife

    IT'S a sad reality that wild-animal rights are grossly violated throughout the world. Aggression like hunting for skins, trophy, uncured

  • Dealing with modern modes of communications

    A' offered 'B' through facebook to enter into a contract and 'B' accepted the offer. Is it a valid contract? The Contract Act, 1872 is silent regarding facebook, twitter, email or any other modern mode of communication.

  • Enacting a Law to secure right to food

    First ever South Asia Right to Food Conference was held in Dhaka during May 30-31 and June 1, 2015.