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  • Polar bear

    Video of starving polar bear exposes climate crisis

    There exist images throughout history that capture the human psyche, encapsulating the height of tragedy, be it war, famine or climate crisis. This time, a group of filmmakers have shared images of the gut-wrenching moment they stumbled across a starving polar bear clinging to life in the wild as it scavenged for food.

  • Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

    PM leaves for Paris to attend One Planet Summit

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina leaves Dhaka for Paris on a three-day official visit to attend ‘One Planet Summit’.

  • Book on flowers and trees of Bangladesh published

    Tarupallab, an organisation working for the conservation and maintenance of trees has published a book on flowers, trees, creepers and shrubs of Bangladesh at the National Museum in the capital’s Shahbagh.

  • Glitter could be bad for environment

    Scientists are saying glitter is dangerous for the environment, CNN reports.

  • fly public health surveillance

    Flies can help in public health surveillance: Study

    Science could soon unleash a most incongruous army in the war against disease - one composed of filthy flies.

  • Warming to make US thunderstorms larger, more frequent

    Summer thunderstorms in North America will likely be larger, wetter and more frequent in a warmer world, dumping 80 percent more rain in some areas and worsening flooding, a new study says.

  • Carbon dioxide emissions

    Scientists warn of 'giant leap backward' at climate talks

    Carbon dioxide emissions are set to rise this year after a three-year pause, scientists say at UN climate talks, warning that "time is running out", even as White House officials use the occasion to champion the fossil fuels that drive global warming.

  • US cities, states defy Trump, still back Paris climate deal

    A group of US states, cities, businesses and universities said Saturday they are still committed to curbing global warming even as US President Donald Trump’s administration is walking away from the Paris climate accord.

  • James Hansen

    Climate target too low, progress too slow: Expert

    The world must sharply draw down greenhouse gas emissions and suck billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air if today's youth are to be spared climate cataclysm, a top scientist warns.

  • Photo of burning elephant, calf wins top prize

    A striking image showing an adult elephant and its calf fleeing a mob attack has won a top Asian wildlife photography prize.

  • US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania

    2 children sue Trump over climate change

    Two children, backed by the Clean Air Council environmental group, sued US President Donald Trump and two of his Cabinet members on Monday to try to stop them from scrapping a package of pollution-reduction rules known as the Clean Power Plan.

  • Iran moves to save last 'mascot' Asiatic cheetahs

    Iran moves to save last 'mascot' Asiatic cheetahs

    Iranian environmentalists have mobilised to protect the world's last Asiatic cheetahs, estimated to number just 50 and faced with the threats of becoming roadkill, a shortage of prey and farmers' dogs.

  • $129bn in extreme weather losses last year: Report

    Extreme weather caused some $129 billion (111 billion euros) in economic losses last year, says a report that warned the bill will keep climbing as climate change boosts droughts, storms and floods.

  • Concentration of carbon dioxide

    Concentration of CO2 in atmosphere hits record high

    The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere hits a new high, the UN says, warning that drastic action is needed to achieve targets set by the Paris climate agreement.

  • New Delhi air pollution

    Delhi chokes on toxic haze despite Diwali fireworks ban

    New Delhi is shrouded in a thick toxic haze after a night of frenzied Diwali fireworks send the air quality plummeting despite a ban on sale of fireworks aimed at thwarting a repeat of an 'airpocalypse'.

  • 9m people killed in pollution: Report

    9m people killed in pollution: Report

    Pollution claims the lives of nine million people in 2015, one in every six deaths that year, according to a report.

  • Sydney, Melbourne could face 50C days within decades

    Sydney and Melbourne could regularly face 50 degree Celsius (122F) days within 25 years even if Australia meets its Paris global warming targets, a new study warns.

  • Water: Garments’ invisible price

    Bangladesh boasts as the world’s number two garment exporter. Every third European has a t-shirt made in Bangladesh on his back. Every fifth American wears jeans manufactured in Bangladesh. But this is not a story of how many million pieces we export. This is a story of the invisible price we pay every time a jeans rolls out of a factory in Bangladesh. The western buyers little know how much water, that precious resource, was used to wash and dye his shirt. The figures are mind boggling.

  • Paris climate deal

    Paris climate deal: US denies it will stay in accord

    The United States has attended a meeting of ministers from more than 30 of the nations that signed the Paris climate-change agreement, though the White House issued a statement saying it will stick with plans to pull out of the deal.

  • 'Bigger and stronger' storms on the horizon: experts

    Scientists say the devastating intensity of hurricanes such as Harvey is consistent with global warming trends -- rising seas, warming oceans, hotter air -- and warn of "bigger and stronger" storms to come.

  • ‘Development works near Sundarbans jeopardise people’s lives’

    Human rights activist Sultana Kamal alleges that lives of people who live in and around the Sundarbans, are being jeopardised due to unplanned development and industrial works near the forest.

  • Long road for mates,Gharials ‘Gorai’, ‘Jamuna’ reach destinations

    As part of the pioneering exchange to initiate breeding of the critically endangered Gharials, the male, named ‘Gorai’ has made it to the Rajshahi Zoo after a long journey starting all the way from Dhaka Zoo.

  • Villages inundated as Dharla, Teesta flow above danger mark

    Villages in the northern districts of Lalmonirhat and Kurigram have been hit hard by flood as the water of Dharla and Teesta rivers are flowing above the danger mark.

  • Tanguar Haor: Accusations fly as unique biodiversity comes under threat

    Blue skies overhead, green fields underneath the clear beel and the continuous chirping of local and foreign birds- that is how a nature lover or tourist would describe Tanguar Haor, one of the many significant wetlands located in Sunamganj district.

  • Toxic waste from US pot farms alarms experts

    Pollution from illegal marijuana farms deep in California's national forests is far worse than previously thought, and has turned thousands of acres into waste dumps so toxic that simply touching plants has landed law enforcement officers in the hospital.

  • heat-wave-global-warming

    Bangladesh weather to turn deadly by century: Study

    Venturing outdoors may become deadly across wide swaths of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan by the end of the century as climate change drives heat and humidity to new extremes, according to a new study.

  • Scientists dim sunlight, suck up carbon dioxide

    Scientists are sucking carbon dioxide from the air with giant fans and preparing to release chemicals from a balloon to dim the sun's rays as part of a climate engineering push to cool the planet.

  • Hundreds battle wildfire across southern France

    Hundreds of firefighters are battling blazes across southern France, with one inferno spreading across 900 hectares of forest and threatening homes on the island of Corsica, emergency services say.

  • ‘Melted nuclear fuel’ found at Fukushima

    An underwater robot captured images of solidified lava-like rocks Friday inside a damaged reactor at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, spotting for the first time what is believed to be nuclear fuel that melted six years ago.

  • Wild lion nursing leopard cub

    While African lions have a habit of killing leopards, it is quite surprising to see a five-year-old lioness nursing a weeks-old leopard cub recently in Tanzania's Ngorongoro Conservation Area.