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  • Challenging Rosatom's claims

    Nuclear Power: Challenging Rosatom's claims

    Shevlyakov's piece is implicitly built on the assumption that the dissenting voice that exists in Bangladesh about nuclear energy is based on fear, and not scientific information. We want to assure him that our fear is historically and scientifically grounded.

  • Why rubbish anything critical?

    In what resembled a now-familiar Trumpian outburst, the finance minister binned a report of the Independent Review of Bangladesh's Development (IRBD), a review of the country's development produced by the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD).

  • Ivy's Poison

    The pictures on the front page of practically every major newspaper on Wednesday, January 17, conjure an ugly image of Bangladesh's political scene.

  • Dhaka North City Corporation Logo

    LGRD ministry holds the key

    It appears the mayoral by-polls to the DNCC have become uncertain following yesterday's High Court stay order. But the legal complexity can be removed and the LGRD ministry holds the key.

  • Walking the longest path with my favourite ghosts

    It was a kind of trip, I was told, that required passion and precision, courage, physical fitness, and above all, strong resolve. To me, as much as to those who had signed up for the thrill of it, it seemed like a rodeo minus the horses.

  • Rohingya refugee children

    40,000 'orphans'

    Thousands of children saw horror unfolding in their homes in Myanmar and they fled to safety in Bangladesh after walking through jungles and hills for days.

  • Licence to rape

    As women narrate their stories of shame– of how they were raped repeatedly by Myanmar army to the media, the case becomes even more convincing for UN special representative of secretary general to put soldiers on dock at the ICC in Hague, as she promised. Only one problem, and not a small one at that, may throw the spanner in the wheel – that Myanmar is not a signatory to the Rome Statute to the ICC.

  • A witness to brutality of Pak occupation forces

    Even more than four decades after independence, no initiative has been taken to preserve an unseen bunker that stands in the district town as a witness to the cruelty of the Pakistani occupation forces and the sacrifices of the local people during the Liberation War.

  • Mayanmar Rohingya refugee crisis

    Starting Rohingya Repatriation: Lot to do in just one month

    Amid uncertainty, continued fleeing of Rohingyas, and fire and destruction in Muslim minority villages in Rakhine, Bangladesh and Myanmar yesterday set up a high-powered Joint Working Group (JWG) to start “safe and voluntary” repatriation of Rohingya refugees within one month.

  • Question Leak: Math exams halted at 123 pry schools

    Question paper for primary school exams has been leaked again and this time it is in Natore.