• 6 Rivers Around Dhaka: Water turning untreatable?

    Water quality of six major rivers flowing around Dhaka gets polluted, particularly in the dry season, to the extent that it cannot be treated for drinking, experts say.

  • Uber Taxi, Smartphone Apps: Govt rules must serve people

    Saturday's paper delivered a double whammy to readers, leaving many of them baffled. They were told that Uber taxi service, which

  • Befriend birds, save earth

    With modest beginnings a year ago as an effort by a number of youths from Khalisha Belpukur village in Nilphamari's Saidpur upazila

  • Is it at all possible?

    BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia's proposed process for forming a new Election Commission appears almost impossible to complete as it requires 40

  • Cases criminal, pleas political

    Her morning started like many other housemaids on that January day in 2011. But she accidentally broke a water glass. That would prove to be a fatal event. Her employer beat her and denied any treatment to the severely injured girl.

  • A Day After Deadly Clash in Narsingdi: Tension still runs high

    There was the smell of something burnt even a kilometre from Narsingdi's Amirabad. It became stronger with every step

  • Deadly clash kills 4 in Narsingdi

    At least four people were killed and 50 others injured yesterday in a string of fierce clashes between the supporters of current and former union parishad chairmen over establishing supremacy in a remote char of Narsingdi's Raipura upazila.

  • Stop ads for Rampal plant

    The National Committee to Protect the Sundarbans yesterday called upon the government to stop all advertisements in favour of Rampal power plant

  • Nasirnagar Hate Attack: Blanket arrests net innocents, not kingpins

    Around 7:30pm on Monday, police went to Nasirnagar town's Livestock Hospital intersection and asked 26-year-old Shipon Mia to

  • Donald Trump's victory is a dent in democracy

    As much as the world has been shocked by the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America, an aftershock of that earthquake is beginning to set in as we ask ourselves what happened to the hordes of pollsters, analysts and pundits who had predicted otherwise.

  • Brahmanbaria Burning

    The vicious attacks on Hindu homes, establishments and temples since October 30 indicates an increase in the level of bigotry among certain sections of the society. The question is how did these miscreants get the courage to carry out these crimes? The Daily Star talks to some individuals who have been directly affected or are speaking out against these hate crimes.

  • A requiem for the Sundarbans

    Why is the Bangladesh government so determined to go ahead with a project that every sane-minded person not affiliated with the government thinks will do more harm than good? In September, I put this question to the members of the delegation accompanying Prime Minister Hasina who was in New York for the annual UN General Assembly. One of them, speaking on behalf of the group, replied with a counter question: Do you think our Prime Minister would do something that would go against our national interest?

  • Mujibur

    The cost of ignoring the Constitution

    Our history is full of glaring examples of how narrow political interests of successive military and political governments have undermined the fundamental spirit of our Constitution considered the fruit of the historic Liberation War.

  • Isn't it time we stop shooting the messenger?

    RECENTLY, a video of two television journalists being attacked by staff of a popular private hospital in Dhaka has been doing the rounds of social media.

  • Promises not kept

    Hundreds of fishermen in coastal and other districts are passing hard days, as they are yet to get the promised food support in compensation from the government for not catching hilsa during the ongoing ban.

  • Digital Security Act, 2016

    The draft Digital Security Act 2016, intended to address the need for cyber-crime legislation, according to the authorities, was approved on August 22, 2016, by the Cabinet. But members of civil society, media and activists have already expressed their concerns over the draft law impinging upon people's freedom of expression.

  • Law breakers untouched

    The re-excavation of Shubhadda Canal from Shubhadda to Aganagar is almost done.

  • Her finest hour

    One might say this is the finest hour of Sheikh Hasina in her political career.

  • Isolation of Pakistan will not isolate terror

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has labelled Pakistan as a “mother ship of terrorism” at a summit of the BRIC nations held in the

  • Sundarbans risks being World Heritage in Danger

    Despite the government's assurance that the Rampal power plant would not harm the Sundarbans, the Unesco stays firm in its stance against the project and has again requested the government to cancel and relocate it to a more suitable place.

  • The Next Hope

    A car hit one of the workers working in our house this morning. He was cleaning the wall and the car smashed his bones.

  • An Asian success story?

    Much was expected prior to the Chinese President's visit to Bangladesh, and surely enough, he did not disappoint. The milestone visit — the first to Bangladesh by a Chinese President in 30 years — was capped off by the largest ever pledge of assistance to Bangladesh by any single country.

  • China, South Asia and Asian regionalism

    China's rising prosperity and the shift to a strategy of economic rebalancing, for the better part of a decade now, presents a unique opportunity for much stronger trade and economic relations with the country, not only for developed countries but also for developing countries, including South Asia, as it shifts resources to grow its domestic market.

  • A new horizon for malta

    When Motiur Rahman, a driver by profession, from Rehaichar in Chapainawabganj town first planted malta trees, results were far from certain. The red, hard and dry Barind Tract soils offers challenge to even seasoned farmers. Maltas have no tradition of being grown there. Nonetheless, Motiur thought to give them a try.

  • On a transformational journey

    China has been taken a strong place in the global economic landscape with its large GDP and rapid economic growth.

  • Girls break a social barrier

    Women selling tickets at bus counters is unusual in Bangladesh as this profession is absolutely dominated by males. But some female

  • Relevance of surgical strikes

    I was against surgical strikes because I thought they would escalate matters and probably go to a point of no return. But now that the strikes have been made, I back the government. I am reminded of George Bernard Shah, eminent literary personality, who said that he was the worst critic of the British government but since it was in the midst of war, he supported it.

  • Why we couldn't protect Khadija

    Remember Suraiya Akter Risha? The eighth grader of an English medium school in Dhaka, who was stabbed by her stalker, a man who

  • Rampal

    The undoing of a World Heritage Site

    Today, facing a governmental decision of enormous national and international consequences, we, on behalf of Women for Good Governance, appeal to the leaders, activists and people of Bangladesh as well as the world, to deter from the dangerous path we are about to embark on that could cause incalculable,

  • Vertical farming takes shape

    We can certainly do more to reduce food wastage in our supply chains. It is not just Bangladesh where a lot of the produce goes to waste due to inefficient marketing and distribution channels...