• Bikroy: More than an online classifieds site

    Bikroy.com, Bangladesh's one of the most popular online classified site, has been operating in Bangladesh for the last four years and already it has been become a buzzword amongst urbanites. We talked with Misha Ali, Director Marketing of Bikroy. This UPenn grad talks about how online classifieds have been shaping in Bangladesh and what bikroy has to offer for the mass. Here's the gist:

  • Download yourself into a server: Huawei’s futurecast

    The plan is to store you on a computer database. Yes, you read that right. Your entire consciousness is to be stored so your future generations can have a conversation with you. I talk to Kevin Ho and Clement Wong about Huaweis futurecast at CES2016 in China.

  • Bringing the next billion

    Shameen Ahsan, the exiting President of BASIS, talks about his tenure and all the initiative of BASIS in an one-on-one interview with BYTES

  • Internet.org & Net Neutrality: What Facebook has to say

    Markku Makelainen, Director of Global Operator Partnerships of Facebook sat for a very brief yet exclusive interview with BYTES and talked about Facebook & Internet.org's stance on Net Neutrality.

  • Meet the new Microsoft

    Microsoft turned 40 on April 4th this year and on the occasion we had an opportunity to speak with Sonia Bashir Kabir, the managing director of Microsoft Bangladesh. Sonia shared Microsoft’s vision, future direction and upcoming plans with BYTES.

  • Cloud, Security & Government: What's coming?

    Mohammad Zaman is an experienced IT strategist with decades of experience on Governance framework, business revenue and IT cost alignment with optimal resource utilization.