• Micromax Canvas Unite 4 Pro

    That is quite a long name for a phone, so long that you possibly may have to take a breath halfway through it. Jokes aside, the Unite 4 Pro is a good-looking budget phone that does not mock your bank account whenever you take it out of your pocket. There is a fingerprint reader at the back further aiding its will to stand out of the budget bunch. The build is solid, with a hard to remove metal back hiding the microSD and dual SIM slots. One eyesore is the colour, it sports gold.

  • Edison's Helio S2

    After laying low for a while, Edison group finally is pacing things up with their premium line of smartphones- Helio.

  • Samsung Galaxy J2(2016)

    3 years ago, the people at Samsung shelled out a brilliant budget smartphone called the Galaxy Grand, a combination of a 5” screen with better-than-average specs, which became an instant hit in our country. Samsung stuck on to the very

  • Hands on Review: Huawei P9 Lite

    So how far away has the diet taken the Lite from the flagship P9? Find out in this detailed video!

  • Symphony ZVII (3 GB)

    The Z series phones occupy the premium shelf with a smartly slashed pricing that keeps the devices below the 15k. And the first impression of the ZVII gives off the vibe that they have tried to pack as much as possible into the price range. The display is a 5.5 inch with very narrow bezel ensuring the phone doesn't step into the phablet territory.

  • Symphony Xplorer H300

    Symphony's H300 does not at all look like any of the H series phone we have encountered before. It has a lean metal wrapped around

  • New contender from Lenovo: ZUK Z1

    Lenovo brings about a new sub-brand under the ZUK nametag. Is a big sharp screen, big battery and last years flagship processor enough to set them on the path to world dominance?

  • WE X1 & Smart Solutions

    The sleek, red box with minimal graphics oozes a little class not common in most local packaging. First impressions matter

  • Symphony Xplorer H175

    We were sent the white device which seems to be the in thing for many device manufacturers. The back cover is a crosshatched white plastic with a machined aluminium edge going all round. At first glance, it's a safe design approach that won't offend anyone. The five inch display and the resulting bezel is just the right balance for most people to comfortably hold in their hands for one handed operation.

  • Symphony Xplorer H250

    When it comes to market a smartphone on budget, Symphony is the reigning king. In just three to four years,

  • HUAWEI MATE 8: Bring on blazing fast Kirin 950 processor

    Huawei is about to launch the Mate8 phablet in Bangladesh. We find out first how blazing fast is the Kirin 950 processor equipped device.


    Huawei has gone all metal for mid-range and up starting with the G7 Plus. So it looks great, but how does it run?

  • Mycell Iron Blue: The new entrant

    In the Bangladeshi smartphone market, a trend we have been noticing in the last couple of years is shift of focus from flagship smartphones to mid-range. But now in Q4 of 2015, we are seeing the battle move to the front line of the entry-level segment. Now, not only are the entry-level smartphones aggressively priced, they are also armed with really good hardware (at least on paper!). The device that we are reviewing today is a new entrant in this particular segment. It's Mycell Iron Blue. But can this phone stand up in the crowd? Let's find it out:

  • Oppo R7: The Showstopper

    The name Oppo is catching up in Bangladesh – slowly but steadily. By producing high quality stylish smartphones, Oppo has already found a place among android aficionados. After coming up with several revolutionary products, Oppo is now back with a sleek new android smartphone – R7. R7 is a polished iteration of the paper-thin R5 from last year. Unlike the R5, it comes in two other variants. R7 Lite and R7 Plus. Yet another variant was recently announced: R7s. It has a slightly bigger screen and an even bigger battery.


    The Honor 4x is a big competitor for the similarly priced Moto G and a budget version of the more upscale Honor 6. The goal is to provide stellar performance for not a lot of cash. Octacore and a 3000mAh battery make it a capable performer.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The note is back

    It's a well known fact: the Korean giant always bets big on the Note Series. And the Galaxy Note 5 is no exception. The tech community quite understandably has been eagerly anticipating the Note 5 and now that the new flagship has arrived, it must be said that Samsung has definitely come out with a winner!

  • Easy access: Aamra aPhone brings free Wi-Fi services to special hotspots around city

    Aamra aPhone brings free Wi-Fi services to special hotspots around city

  • Windows 10: First Impressions

    For the past one year, we've been keeping track of Windows 10 and every little feature they introduced with each new update of the beta. But at the end of the day, it was still buggy and unstable. We’re glad that that phase is over as Microsoft rolled out the consumer version of their new operating system on 29th July. We tried it out and here's our first impression on Windows 10.

  • Review: ACI Stylus O65

    ACI is the latest entrant in the list of Bangladesh smartphone brands and with their first line up of devices, seems to be determined to wreak havoc in the market. And its flagship device Stylus 065 is on the forefront. How well does it play, let's find it out:

  • Thin is in: Elite Evo Air

    Elite has taken cues of some of the leading flagships and incorporated that seamlessly into their Evo Air device. A great looker with a decent performance package.

  • REVIEW: Walton Walpad Pro

    We get tons of emails from our readers asking for a single device with the mobility of a tablet but with the convenience of a PC. To

  • REVIEW: Symphony Xplorer ZVI - Sleek metal powerhouse

    Symphony's Z series nomenclature continues this time as the sixth generation.

  • Microsoft Lumia 540: Vivid Midranger

    Just 2 months after the launch of Lumia 640XL, Microsoft is back with another midrange phone for the Bangladeshi market: Lumia 540. This phone comes with a price-tag of Tk 13,999 and is the successor to the market winner Lumia 535. Does this phone live up to its predecessor? Let's find out.

  • Oppo N3: Head turning shooter

    Oppo is one of those new companies that are worrying the big players. Couple of years ago it was just an upstart of a name, an entry into a fiercely competitive and fickle

  • Symphony Xplorer H150: The Marathon Runner

    We observed something: Symphony's smartphones tend to arrive in packs, especially when they sport a unique feature. This time there was no exception.

  • Huawei Honor Holly: Unassuming fighter

    The Huawei Honor Holly isn't a name that's easy to throw around. When you look at the specs though, you wouldn't mind throwing those figures around in bragging discussions among friends.

  • Microsoft Lumia 640 XL: High Flying Phablet

    Microsoft releases the new Lumia 640XL phablet. It's powerplay is on the new OS update, the extended battery power and the excellent camera. We find out how it all works with the help of mini Batman

  • MAXIMUS iX KANE Budget Big Bang

    Last year, Maximus took us all by surprise. From the feature phone market, it jumped into the world of smartphones. The plan was

  • OPPO R5 Mighty Metal

    OPPO R5 might not be holding the title of 'The slimmest phone in the world' but it's definitely the slimmest phone available in

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge: Edgy new boss

    We got hold of the two S6 phones a while back and on day one we would see why people hold it as if it is the world's most expensive