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  • Samsung Galaxy S9+

    It's a bigger, badder version of last year's must have, must sell kidney-for-a-phone. And if you sold a kidney last year, you are out of luck trying to purchase the new S9+. It is pricier.

  • Tecno Camon I

    The sub 15,000 BDT smartphone segment has an ever-expanding list of capable contenders, but Tecno impressed us last year with their well-built 'i7', which had a decent set of hardware for the price you would be paying. This time around, their flagship comes paired with a smaller blow to the wallet, but with some small compromises to the spec sheet.

  • LG Q6 Smartphone Review

    LG Q6

    Inspired by the success of LG G6, South Korean struggling electronic device manufacturer LG has come up with a smaller, sharper and wallet-friendly version of the flagship device. It also shares the same Suffix: Q6. All the aesthetical features that you loved on G6 is on this phone as well: the beautiful body to screen ratio, nearly bezel-less design and metallic-feel on the back cover. But, what more does the phone has to offer?

  • OPPO F5: The return of the selfie expert

    Going bezel-less or near to the edge is the latest trend amongst phone designers after several top dogs launched their edge to edge display phones. Riding that very wave, OPPO has brought a new device nearly a month ago – The OPPO F5. OPPO, which has synonymised itself as the 'Selfie-Expert', through this device wants to continue to target the selfie-lover segment. But how good is the latest iteration of the F series? Let’s find out:

  • ZED All-in-one PC

    I have been eyeing an old-school PC tower over an All-in-One (AIO) PC for several months now. While inquiring for an AIO at IDB Bhaban, I first stumbled upon the brand I-Life for the very first time. And coincidentally, the very next month I-Life's country representative got in touch with us to review their very first AIO PC for the Bangladeshi market. We used and abused it for nearly a month and this is what we found out:

  • Huawei Nova 2i - Four camera lenses on a smartphone

    The Huawei Nova 2i is a brand new midrange phone sporting a world first for smartphones: it uniquely features dual lenses for both front and rear. These days, manufacturers are telling us if anyone is not doing dual lenses, they are probably not doing it right.

  • Big, bad Samsung Note 8

    The world isn't getting any bigger but everything inside is. We test the latest flagship from Samsung. Does it deliver all the goods?

  • Walton Passion WP15703G Laptop

    Finally, after using and abusing without mercy, I am writing the review of Walton's Passion WP157U3G laptop. Me and my colleague, both used it for a month or so. I focused on the aesthetics whereas he tested the performance by pushing the laptop to its limit. This is my first encounter with this locally assembled gizmo and here's my take:

  • FiiO X1 2nd Gen

    While the majority of people would say that digital audio players (DAPs) are a thing of the past, companies like XDuoo and FiiO have

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Max

    Almost eight months back, we reviewed a mid-range smartphone of Samsung – the J7 Prime. Faring pretty well in the market, it became one of the best sellers of Samsung this year. Inspired by this success, Samsung brought out several other variants of J7. The one we are reviewing today is J7 Max, a hulked up version of J7 Prime.

  • TECNO i7

    Another Hong Kong based Chinese mobile phone manufacturer that started off in 2006 & belonging to the Transsion holdings. For those who doesn’t know Transsion Holdings, they also own the Itel and Infinix brands latter of which we've reviewed previously. They started their journey formally in Bangladesh last month with the brand Tecno although Itel was operating before that. Transsion Holdings brand Tecno has been initially focusing exclusively on Africa and only recently made a foray into the Indian market with a barrage of new devices.

  • Huawei GR3 2017

    The GR3 for 2017 is known by a few other names under the Huawei banner based on where it is sold. Also known as a P8 Lite for 2017 and Honor 8 Lite.

  • OPPO F3: Selfie Expert

    Even before stepping out of the box, the Oppo F3 clearly states what it will do for you. It says Selfie Expert right

  • Huawei P10: Is it the cameraphone wonder it promises to be?

    The Huawei P10 is the successor to last year’s stellar P9 which happened to be a ground breaking device for Huawei. We find out how it performs.

  • Samsung S8 Review: Are you ready for this?

    The S8 is a very important phone for Samsung. They were all ready to set the market on fire with the awesomeness

  • Hands on Review: Samsung Galaxy A7 2017

    Smartphones are usually a lot better when they have big screens. The A7 does not make you want to have hands the size of the moon.

  • Hands-on Review: Helio S25

    Has the Bangladeshi brand Helio finally cracked the premium smartphone formula? We review to find out.

  • Infinix Note 3

    Hong Kong based Infinix launches new 6-inch Note3 phablet in Bangladeh market. Here's our extended review.

  • Walton Primo X4

    When it comes to smartphones on a budget, Walton's Primo lineup is definitely a force to reckon with in Bangladesh. Designed to

  • Samsung J7 Prime

    Samsung J7 Prime reviewed. Design, processing and camera. Find out where it wins and where it falls short.

  • Huawei GR5 2017

    Midrange phones are always the hottest segment in the market. Most of the top OEMs are fighting to reign in this segment. This war just heated up a notch couple week's back when Huawei launched the GR5 2017 Edition. The USP Huawei is going for is Dual Rear Camera, very similar to the much acclaimed Huawei P9. Is it just a marketing gimmick or does it actually work? You are about to find out.

  • Micromax Canvas Unite 4 Pro

    That is quite a long name for a phone, so long that you possibly may have to take a breath halfway through it. Jokes aside, the Unite 4 Pro is a good-looking budget phone that does not mock your bank account whenever you take it out of your pocket. There is a fingerprint reader at the back further aiding its will to stand out of the budget bunch. The build is solid, with a hard to remove metal back hiding the microSD and dual SIM slots. One eyesore is the colour, it sports gold.

  • Edison's Helio S2

    After laying low for a while, Edison group finally is pacing things up with their premium line of smartphones- Helio.

  • Samsung Galaxy J2(2016)

    3 years ago, the people at Samsung shelled out a brilliant budget smartphone called the Galaxy Grand, a combination of a 5” screen with better-than-average specs, which became an instant hit in our country. Samsung stuck on to the very

  • Hands on Review: Huawei P9 Lite

    So how far away has the diet taken the Lite from the flagship P9? Find out in this detailed video!

  • Symphony ZVII (3 GB)

    The Z series phones occupy the premium shelf with a smartly slashed pricing that keeps the devices below the 15k. And the first impression of the ZVII gives off the vibe that they have tried to pack as much as possible into the price range. The display is a 5.5 inch with very narrow bezel ensuring the phone doesn't step into the phablet territory.

  • Symphony Xplorer H300

    Symphony's H300 does not at all look like any of the H series phone we have encountered before. It has a lean metal wrapped around

  • New contender from Lenovo: ZUK Z1

    Lenovo brings about a new sub-brand under the ZUK nametag. Is a big sharp screen, big battery and last years flagship processor enough to set them on the path to world dominance?

  • WE X1 & Smart Solutions

    The sleek, red box with minimal graphics oozes a little class not common in most local packaging. First impressions matter

  • Symphony Xplorer H175

    We were sent the white device which seems to be the in thing for many device manufacturers. The back cover is a crosshatched white plastic with a machined aluminium edge going all round. At first glance, it's a safe design approach that won't offend anyone. The five inch display and the resulting bezel is just the right balance for most people to comfortably hold in their hands for one handed operation.