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  • On Art and the Artiste –

    Twenty years ago—back in 1997—I was a first-year undergraduate studying English literature at the University of Dhaka when

  • Sparring with Spirits!

    Poetry can be defined in a thousand ways, and yet its essence will continue to elude us. A poem might be someone's imagination

  • Fictionalizing an Unhappy World

    “A single book could contain so much of everything, so much anguish and joy and love and war and death and life, so much of being

  • Literature and the City

    Urban spaces have deeply contradictory existences in our imagination. We love cities and the goodies they offer; we also hate them

  • City Beloved

    Humayun Ahmed's Tomader Ei Nagar-e projects Dhaka--our beloved city!--with all her beauties, flaws, eccentricities, and mysteries

  • Ms Bunny Sen

    been buggering around this goddamn city

  • 21st Century High Politics in the Indo-Pacific and the Bay of Bengal

    A post-cold war international economic and political order is still unfolding and has been witnessing concerted attempts by traditional

  • Coleridge: Stories of Betrayal, Pain and Misunderstanding

    Sometime in 1797 something magical happened in English literature. Two poets, William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge by

  • Sense of Poetic Essence

    The sublime use of language can be best met in poetry which holds an intrinsic kinship with aesthetics. Poets play with words

  • Doves and Dogs of War

    Wars, great and small, have been a part of recorded human history. Given the varied elements that go toward the making of