• Tribute to a scholar

    They remember him as a loving husband and as an inspiring father. Other articles are written by his relatives, colleagues, students and friends in great admiration. In their portrayal, Prof. Rehman is illustrated as an exceptionally gentle, compassionate, amiable and vastly knowledgeable person.

  • Wisdom of a Revivalist

    Sri Chaitanya Deb (1486-1533) was an interesting and charismatic personality of the 16th century in Bengal, Assam, Orissa and across the eastern India.

  • Still struggling after 1971…..

    MR Harun-Ar-Rashid is a renowned author, economist, researcher and columnist.

  • A Fugitive's Pendulous Mind

    This monumental novel speaks of the phenomena that can persuade people to commit crimes, the inner torment that forces people to burn with a feeling of guilt and the ultimate expiation offenders go through while playing cat and mouse with their conscience.

  • The Lighter Side of History

    I am not sure if I can call it the lighter side of history, or, more appropriately, history off the beaten track...

  • On the eve of India partition…

    To me, Aynakhal Tea Estate is a metaphor for a world unknown to all but only those who work there: the British Mangers and Assistant Managers, the Bengali Clerks known as Babus, and the workers called Coolies. This world is a lot different from the one we live in; for it has its own rules, its own code of conduct, and challenges and dangers ...

  • From Subjective Impulses to Universal Echoes

    This is how I sent a message through a social network to poet Nahid Kaiser expressing my eagerness to read her latest book...

  • My Days in National Book Centre

    Fazle Rabbi had a long professional career; almost twenty years in Bangla Academy which is considered a great centre for Bangla culture and literature.

  • Purple Hibiscus

    Purple Hibiscus is set in Nigeria at a time when the country was on a verge of a military takeover. Just before this takeover..

  • Flash Point

    An explosive yet poignant account of the lives of those who walk the red carpet and those who photograph them.