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  • ‘Super blue blood moon’ in Bangladesh sky

    If you miss it tonight, you will have to wait for another 35 years to get the chance to see it. On Bangladesh sky, the entire lunar event – also named “super blue blood moon” -- started at 4:49pm and will end at 10:09pm (local time).
  • National Vegetable Fair 2018

    Have you missed this year’s vegetable fair?

    If you missed this year’s vegetable fair held in Dhaka this month, do not worry. The Daily Star live team has covered the event for you. We visited the three-day National Vegetable Fair 2018 that began on January 14 at Krishibid Institute Bangladesh (KIB) auditorium in Farmgate on its second day.
  • 15 major anti-militancy drives in 2017

    Bangladesh’s fight against militancy gained new grounds in 2017

    Law enforcers in Bangladesh continue their anti-militancy operations across the country in 2017 following the government’s vow to show “zero tolerance” against terrorism and militancy.
  • Arms for freedom

    It was truly a fight between David and Goliath in 1971. The Mukti Bahini fighters fought the war armed with a collection of old and worn out weapons against the mighty Pakistan army, supposedly one of the best armed forces of the time.
  • TIMELINE: Narayanganj 7-murder

    A timeline of Narayanganj seven-murder abductions, killings and verdicts.