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  • How to create your own sitcom

    Did you just finish watching a poorly made sitcom that somehow won two Emmys? And now you're probably thinking, “Hey, I could have done it better!” Well, it's difficult to say whether you could have actually done it better or not but here's my guide to making your very own poorly made sitcom.
  • Which Kardashian are you?

    You regularly post about how difficult it is living with social anxiety and routinely get into fights with the others for normalising having anxiety. You like showing off your trophies and bragging about all the things you have achieved at such a young age and ending that sentence with “But, I really don't like to show off”. You can be a bit extra sometimes and everyone knows that it isn't home-made face mask that makes your skin glow like you claim it to be. It's high time you admit that you're wearing highlighters.
  • Same old thing

    The unbearable July sun was beating down on the pedestrians mercilessly. The fortunate ones were in their cars, the windows shut and the air conditioner blasting on full speed. At least the pedestrians were able to go towards their destination. The fortunate ones were sitting in stagnant traffic and the air surrounding them seemed to be vibrating from the heat given off by the cars. My immediate thought was of how these thoughtless people are causing
  • How to be a better Bangladeshi

    This city we call “home” still finds itself on the list of “least liveable cities”, and our beloved country has been ranked 115th on the Happiness Index, according to UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network's (SDSN) 2018 World Happiness Report. As Independence Day approaches, why don't we all take a moment and ask ourselves, “Where are we going wrong?”
  • Struggles of not being enough

    From the beginning of time, human beings have been classifying each other into groups. The primordial cells would only sit with other cells having the same proteins inside. So, why stop now?