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  • Tasnim Odrika

  • “Operation Jackpot brought us three steps closer to liberation”

    On March 7, 1971, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman stood at the Ramna Race Course and faced a gathering of over 10 lakh people.
  • Daring to dream for a better world

    “My parents were eager to get me married right after my SSC examination but I resisted. Now they are both very proud of the work I do for my community,”
  • Breaking barriers on two wheels

    What is an indicator of social progress? In a country like Bangladesh, women still feel unsafe travelling to the nearest grocery store, their own university, and even their workplace. Public transport is not an option for a lot of them due to the various risks of harassment associated with it. In such a situation, mobility is freedom. For a lot of women, this is what riding their bike means.
  • 50 years later, the fight goes on

    When speaking about our Liberation War of 1971, we often commend our freedom fighters for their sacrifices and bravery and condemn the then Pakistan army for inflicting inhumane torture on our innocent people, especially our women.
  • Resolve in the face of adversity

    “I dream of building a world where no human being ever has to die of starvation,” replies Runa Akter, with firm resolve when asked what she wants to do in the future.