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  • Shykh Seraj

    Shykh Seraj

    Shykh Seraj is a Media and Agriculture Development Activist. He is an Ashoka Fellow and recipient of Ekushey Padak, FAO A.H. Boerma Award and many other prestigious accolades. At Channel i, he is Director and Head of News. He is also Director and Host of the popular agro-documentary, “Hridoye Mati O Manush”.

  • Kadaknath, new prospect in poultry

    A couple of months back, world's most expensive chicken became a hot news online. Those were deep black in colour. Even though the colour black doesn't get much acclamation, the black chicken is getting the most value.
  • Spice crops spice up the rural economy

    Besides onion and garlic, fields are full of coriander seed and cumin seed across Bangladesh. Specially, Shariatpur's Jajira has become
  • green paddy field

    What protections for haor crops?

    At the moment, there is green vibrancy in rice fields of haor region. Lands after lands across the wide area, rice fields have turned picturesquely green.
  • Onions can bring back golden days

    Couple of days ago, I noticed a troll on a social networking site. In the photo, someone found an onion and was
  • A hub of knowledge for farmers

    For the past nine years, I have been observing the activities of a welfare oriented institution at a remote village. Every day something