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  • Quick start-up, quick money

    When we think of starting a business these days, our thought is subconsciously drawn towards the disruptive startups that have helped their owners earn millions while propelling them to celebrity status. But have you considered that it's possible to have a successful business that does not require groundbreaking VR technology, expert advertising skills, or expensive video equipment?
  • Alpha Catering: Innovation in a traditional setting

    While most of their classmates were preparing themselves to land that lucrative MNC job, two talented friends from IBA, University of Dhaka, were busy carving a niche for their own enterprise: a catering business.
  • Must-have skills for entrepreneurs in 2017

    Entrepreneurs already need plenty of skills and qualities which make becoming an entrepreneur seem super-humanly. In addition, they will need new skills to cope with the competition and technological advances.
  • Pioneros 2016: Engineers take on the corporate world

    In today’s dynamic world, no one, especially the youth, should keep their knowledge and expertise limited to a single field. Don’t be surprised to find a fashion designer who knows how to write lines of code, or a scientist who understands the financial implications of an innovation.
  • Procrastination: Bane or boon?

    Even after the guilt, sufferings, and self-loathing we go through every time, we end up procrastinating nonetheless.