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  • Shahriar Rahman

    A big guy who sits in the tightest cubicle in The Daily Star, Shahriar has a strong knowledge of all things related to mobile gadgets, apps and related tech. He is an electrical engineering graduate working as a Sub-Editor & Feature Writer for Bytes (our tech supplement) and occasionally does test drives for Shift (automotive supplement). In between, he regularly takes on interviews for Next Step (the career supplement). When he is not dealing with his boss's demand for more edits, he is busy trying to figure out whether to answer if someone calls out "Shahriar'. There are at least three in the office.

  • Pathao pacing up

    Local ride-hailing service Pathao has closed yet another round of funding (Pre-Series B) which now puts this startup's valuation a bit north of $100 million. The news broke a few days back and was later confirmed by Hussain Elius, the CEO of Pathao. The latest round was led by Indonesian ride-sharing startup Go-Jek, and according to TechCrunch, the amount is more than $10 million. However, no official confirmation has been received from Pathao
  • Why 2018 isn't the year of flagships

    Of course, one might wonder why, being the tech geek that I am, won't recommend anyone to buy a smartphone this year. Well, allow

    There's a lot of opportunity for Visa in this region. There are immense scopes of digitisation in this market. It's one of the fastest
  • LG Q6 Smartphone Review

    LG Q6

    Inspired by the success of LG G6, South Korean struggling electronic device manufacturer LG has come up with a smaller, sharper and wallet-friendly version of the flagship device. It also shares the same Suffix: Q6. All the aesthetical features that you loved on G6 is on this phone as well: the beautiful body to screen ratio, nearly bezel-less design and metallic-feel on the back cover. But, what more does the phone has to offer?
  • Augmedix

    Crossing boundaries

    Last month we spoke with Ian Kazi Shakil, Founder/CEO of Augmedix. Since the first time we spoke a couple years back, Augmedix has grown from a nifty little startup to a full-blown heath-tech mammoth. This introvert CEO, who was forced to become extrovert to run this multimillion dollar startup, talks about where Augmedix is headed, what's next in line for this startup and more with BYTES.