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  • Rainy day musing

    I am standing on the edge of the window as usual. It is the only humongous window without any grillwork in the house. The sunlight always falls on me without any shape, with its arms and legs stretched out. As of now, the sun is not visible. The clouds are guarding the sky, grumbling with unequal intervals. Some are static, some are floating slowly but surely, like ghost ships. I want to be up there among the grey explosions bleeding into each other for as long as they are there. I want to ride one of the clouds, and lose my direction marvelling over the cityscape.
  • One heirloom, many wolves

    There are books that you read just for the sake of reading. There are books that make you skip a bundle of pages to avoid the dullness. And then there are books that don't allow you to skip even a single page. Rich People Problems is one such book.
  • The Plastic Whale

    Swimming in water bodies abloom with plastic was very common for Subhash and his father. They depended on any salvage they could find from the plastic controlled territories on the island they lived in. The plastic materials were everywhere—in the ponds, in the forests, on the roads, on the puddles, in places where they shouldn't be. It was as though they were manmade creatures walking all over the earth and ultimately settling where they find it comfortable to create a colony of their own. They came in various shapes and sizes. Though diverse, they all existed for the same purpose.
  • Life is hard when you're sleepy all the time

    The Dalai Lama once said, “Sleep is the best meditation.” Of course, his words are true and so is my dedication to this natural human need. I am sure I am not the only one who loves sleep more than anything else. Here are the struggles you can relate to if you have a strong bond with your bed.
  • Skull among Bricks− a Grey Frame

    Right now, I am all blue. I was supposed to have my feet on the ground, and study for my upcoming exam–which is in two days.