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  • Holy Shab-e-barat 2018

    Auspicious Shab-e-barat

    Shab-e-barat is approaching and your neighbourhood grocery stores are already stocked up with ghee and spices. The fish and bhortas of the last week are well behind, and rich sweet and savoury recipes are being dusted out.
  • The coffee house hangouts

    This proverb and many others like 'Work hard, party harder' basically promote, as they should, a healthy work-life balance. With the stress of work, be it studies, office or household, de-stressing is crucial. To that end what better way to de-stress than to enjoy a wholesome 'adda' session over a cup of tea or coffee, with friends and family at any of the local joints.
  • Moving houses

    Shifting houses can be a wonderfully exciting prospect. However, the process itself can be tedious and long drawn, more so if you
  • How to breakfast

    How to breakfast!

    You've hit the snooze button on your alarm twice already, proving how difficult it is to get out of bed on winter mornings. But then the delicious smell of 'niramish' and 'chholar daal' comes wafting into your room.
  • A Chef's Grocery Bag

    Have you ever wondered how a chef shops for his/her grocery? Chefs are known to be food experts, not only because they know how to cook it well but also because they intricately understand food quality and taste.