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  • Russian revolution

    Was the Russian revolution a proletarian revolution?

    What we call Russian revolution, from a long-term view, is a revolution in three episodes. Lenin called 1905 a "dress rehearsal" and, as Paul Dukes among others notes, he was the first to argue that October must follow on from February. So did Trotsky.
  • Bloodless genocide: The allegorical gaze of Ahmed Sofa

    Ahmed Sofa, known in his lifetime as a firebrand, now appears to be no less memorable for his poems. I do not know yet how posterity is going to read him. But it is all apparent now.
  • Abdul Karim's discoveries - Origins of modernity in Bengali literature

    Abdul Karim discovered that there existed also Muslim writers of quality in Bengali literature and, what's more, their quantity also is far from negligible. In diction their works, for instance, those of the 17th century lauraetes Kazi Daulat (1600-1638) or Syed Alaol (1607-1680) are no less 'elevated and dignified,' i.e., Sanskritized in measure than Bharatchandra Ray's (1712-1760) or Madhusudan Datta's (1824-1873) of later fame.
  • Reading Nazrul Islam after Walter Benjamin

    ‘Early in his life, Kazi Nazrul Islam, the most notable Muslim poet of modern Bengal, edited and published a weekly Bengali journal named Dhumketu, the Comet.
  • AHMED SOFA IN WEIMAR: A Bangali tribute to Goethe

    Ahmed Sofa, as his mentor Abdur Razzaq once put it, “is an established literary figure of Bangladesh.”