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  • Sakib Ahmed

    An aspiring conservationist working for IUCN, Bangladesh country office and enjoying a life in the wilderness.

  • Thoughts from Chitwan - Where the wild ones roam free

    A massive rhino rustled through the tall elephant grass and charged at us. Ears cocked, nostrils flared wide open and tail held high, the animal seemed to take up the entirety of the unique Chitwan landscape. Its distinctive one horn cut through the thick humid air of the Terai, its muscles rippled in tension under the thick armour like skin.
  • A Trekker's Guide To Bangladesh

    Every time I wander out for a walk outdoors, however short that may be, I have always returned satiated. One feels more profoundly connected to the earth and the environment when one is exploring on feet, rather than on a motorised vehicle. Your senses heightened, as you take in the sights and sounds, and the brain receives the stimuli that it craves from new experiences and exploration. And this is what treks
  • Nature Quest: The Hobby of the hills

    It was midday when our small team finally found a barely visible footpath through the damp and cold labyrinth inside
  • Nature Quest: Grey peacock-pheasant of our hill forest

    The Pablakhali Wildlife Sanctuary in Rangamati, rarely visited by tourists or researchers, is beautiful with mighty garjan and civit trees and home to hundreds of Hill Mynahs and families of Hoolock Gibbons.
  • Nature Quest: Into the magic, mystique of Hail Haor

    The sun was still far above the horizon, casting its deep copper light over the land. We walked down a narrow, dusty earthen village road with green rice fields on both sides. A farmer with his last load of the day, or a farmer's wife carrying a late lunch to her husband, who is out working on the fields. The magnificent light making those mundane images almost magical!