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  • The judges of Lux Channel i Superstar 2018

    Where The Stars Align

    Sadia Islam Mou, Tahsan and Arifin Shuvoo. These are three names who have been wildly successful in their own sectors of the showbiz industry, at times transcending their own humane demeanor to become true pop icons adored by all. The three juggernauts are now the judges of Bangladesh's premiere superstar hunt and reality show: Lux Channel i Superstar 2018. Star Showbiz presents to you an exclusive insight into the most happening event in town, as well as the three beautiful souls that are tasked with the very difficult job of judging a very talented crop of young contestants!
  • Fake it till you Make it!

    There are very few people in the world who wouldn't love to have six-pack abs. However, it takes countless hours of grinding, exercise and diet to even get close to being in that kind of shape.
  • It's okay to lose sometimes!

    As children, we were often taught that losing is an inherently bad occurrence. Philosophers would differ, saying that losing is a part of learning and subsequent success. In the world of showbiz, best losses are the ones which come in kilograms. Adnan Sami, universally known as the fat man who directly contradicted his song Lift Kara De whereas no one could ever lift him magically, shed his weight and appeared as a
  • Followed by many, replicated by none

    When one thinks of Sridevi, this, along with many iconic moments of her is bound to pop up in his head. The morning of 25th February was quite tumultuous, particularly owing to the sudden demise of one of the greatest Bollywood actors of all time. Upon seeing the news on my social media news feed, a part of me was certain that this was a hoax, and I frantically searched around for a reliable source that said so.
  • From Teknaf to Tetulia

    Even though I did not always dream of running a triathlon, I always participated in sports and other athletic activities. An adventure club was being established at Dhaka University when I joined it.