• Rebecca Haque

  • Sweet Springtime Snapshot

    Springtime in Melbourne, her fifth time in this abode of blood-ties and new generation, but her first in this season of renewal.

    The diurnal and the nocturnal gyrations of the earth, the magnetic and gravitational attraction and repulsion of the celestial spheres
  • The soul in enduring clay

    Potters and weavers and metalworkers and goldsmiths create dazzling, intricately-designed artifacts praised and highly prized by all who look upon them. Every harvest, or spring, autumn, and winter festival is a colourful carnival, with music and dance and ritual offerings and prayers.
  • Commemoration: Reading memorials as cultural texts

    LITERATURE on commemoration has rapidly grown in the past twenty years. Scholars from a variety of disciplines, for example, from archeology, architecture, history, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, geography – and the more inclusive field under the rubric of Cultural Studies – are mapping the significance and role of “memory “. Commemoration is defined as a “call to remembrance“.
  • For a healthy body politic!

    Look into your hearts, and hold fast to your strengths. Hunt down the demons, and rid our land of sickness and filth. Stand tall and be counted. Practice what you preach.