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  • A cat's guide to table manners

    There are nine things on Earth that insist on a total disregard for humans and world domination: us cats. The former comes around quite naturally. We are designed to ignore our humans' calls, scratch them violently for no reason, and excrete in the unlikeliest places. However, world domination is a different matter and requires our attention and effort.
  • People according to Earth-shapes

    I apologise for the muffled noise in the closet; I had to tie up every scientist in the world before embarking on this article. Anyway, let's pretend we've all lost our sense of logic and basic knowledge of EVERYTHING for a while, and talk about what your Earth-shape preference says about you.
  • Pros & Cons of Listening to Music in Bulk

    “Yo dude, have you heard this *insert band name* song?” a friend asks you. You sweat nervously as you put a song on pause. It's a song of a band you've been listening to for a while. You hope no one ever finds out that 'a while' means the last one month because they have seven studio albums, five EPs, two live albums, four acoustic sessions and fifteen hidden singles. Sometimes you wonder why you bother
  • Fables from a Mayfly - What I Tell You Three Times Is True

    Has it been a while since the last time you sat down, closed off the world, turned up the volume, and paid attention to everything an album has to tell you? Good, 'cause you'll be doing that today, hopefully,
  • Solo vs. group workouts

    The New Year's hype of getting fit is long gone and you've found that you're one of the few who actually managed to maintain their resolutions as habit. You slowly discover more people in the same situation and it raises the question: do you work out solo, or in a group? Follow-up question: which works better?