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  • Rasheed Khan

  • Gearing Up Your Reading Experience

    I often find people uninterested in reading. And if I do find fellow readers, I often hear complaints about reading issues, mentioning that they could read for hours during younger years. This might be a sign that you think it’s a chore and reading inefficiently, and I hope to help you overcome that.
  • Music in a Nutshell

    Ting, tok, tung, bakaww, wheeeu, *insert various other noises* – all just tools for music. However, it sounds like a disaster in a barn
  • Getting Productive Effectively

    Disclaimer: Everyone is different. My experiences and knowledge may not address your issues, nor might the methods suit you.
  • The “Ember” that's a bonfire

    Sixteen years have passed since the release of “Saturate”, and like aged wine, Breaking Benjamin's music has matured beautifully. That notion is quite obvious as soon as you listen to the album that came out this year on April 13: Ember.
  • The fault in our Goodreads reviews

    Take a moment to pick a book, preferably in English. Then, search “*name of your book* review” on Google. One of the very first things you'll see are the ratings on a website called “Goodreads”, the Facebook of books.