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  • Department of Narcotics Control

    Tougher law to deal with drug cases

    The Department of Narcotics Control (DNC) has drafted a law keeping a provision of death penalty for producing or processing more than 200 grams of yaba pills or the same amount of its ingredients.
  • Probe itself a mystery

    Saleha Monir has never visited her son and daughter-in-law's graves.
  • BB still waits to get back $66m in stolen money

    Two years have gone by since the Bangladesh Bank cyber heist, but Bangladesh could not bring back the major chunk of the $81 million wired to the Philippines from BB's account with the New York Fed.
  • Militants in Prisons: Deradicalisation call falls on deaf ears

    The fight against militancy remains challenging as ever as dozens of militants are getting freed every year from prisons that have no de-radicalisation programmes.
  • Rights situation remains alarming

    The overall human rights situation in the country was as alarming in the just concluded year as it had been in the past three years, according to rights body Ain o Salish Kendra.