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  • Connecting Hearts through Art

    It is easy to mend a broken toy but it is not easy to repair shattered dreams, broken hearts and most of all, a destroyed present.
  • "Pajore Chandroban" Set for Theatre Olympics in India

    Time and again theatre has proved itself to be a powerful platform to explore the stories of human life. On March 9, 2018, the Experimental Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpokala Academy was transformed into a space that depicted the stories of the refugees, forceful migration, murders, ethnic conflicts, as well as stories of corruption in our society and worldwide. The young graduate students of Theatre and Performance Studies Department, Dhaka
  • Numu and Jojo

    In the amazing world of Numu and Jojo

    When his mother was killed, Jojo was too young to take care of himself. Numu brought Jojo to foster, but soon, she fell in love with her four-legged best friend and decided to adopt him. Thus, the amazing journey of Numu and Jojo began.
  • Life in his Words

    Every Bengali family can probably pull a beautifully comforting and familiar association with food and cricket in their everyday life.
  • Curtain falls on Digital Innovation Challenge for Women 2017

    As the Chinese proverb says, “A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials,” after a month of