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  • Bank of the bold

    Bangladesh International Vote Banking brings you the opportunity to avail dead people votes, double votes, interest-based group votes, and much more, all designed in ways to suit you.
  • ­­New names, new solutions

    Kamrul Hussain, a small trader in Cumilla, sits sprawled across a sofa in his comfortable two-room apartment in the city. He is gloating. “I cannot wait for us to become a developing country. I might actually be able to buy this place if that happens,” he says.
  • Do you take cards?

    If you like eating out, then you must have asked the title question, more than once in your lifetime. In Dhaka nowadays, the answer to
  • Reporting Trauma Empathy Not Sympathy

    The recent BS211 crash went down as one of the gravest chapters in Bangladesh's aviation history. But before the dust had settled and the survivors had a chance to process their grief, rampant media speculation turned the spotlight to the conduct of the newsmen themselves.
  • US-Bangla Plane Crash survivors

    Flight of the survivors

    It was a momentary respite from a black chapter for many people. This particular Biman Bangladesh flight BG072 from Kathmandu to Dhaka was carrying Almun Nahar Annie, Mehedi Hasan and Kamrunnahar Shwarna -- three survivors of the BS211 air crash.