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    Nilima Jahan

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  • Shishu Park hoping for a better future

    As the ever-memorable song starts playing, children, sitting on the metallic horsebacks, delightfully start going round and round. 35-year-old Salma Akter holds her daughter Taskia (3), who is too young to manage herself on the ride.
  • Broken Rides, Broken Promises

    While the authorities think of ways to make Dhaka a child-friendly city, amusement parks are being demolished or sold off, one after another.
  • 5 traditional Objects That Are Almost Disappearing

    Bengali culture and tradition are basically the reflection of our rural settings. Rural lifestyles, crop- production, vehicles, machineries, food, religious beliefs and the nature are the vivid elements of our folk culture.
  • Everyday Battle of Women Commuters

    Getting a seat on a bus during office hours is nothing less than a dream!” exclaims 25-year-old Sabiha Akhter, who works at a private company, and travels from Mirpur 10 to Farmgate everyday for work.
  • Sirajganj's Special Weaves

    During the British colonial rule in the 18th century, when Bengali muslin was traded throughout the world, Britain's own clothing manufacturers conspired against the Bengali weavers.