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  • Nashid Kamal

    The writer is an academic, Nazrul exponent and writer.

  • Sweet as honey from the comb!

    Sohrab Hossain has been a household name synonymous with songs of Kazi Nazrul Islam, the national poet of Bangladesh. 9th April is his birthday. I had the good fortune of knowing him from my childhood.
  • Messages Through The Media

    I have always been a fan of TV drama, especially serials. As a young girl, I used to escape to my grandmother's room at night when my parents had gone to bed. My aunt had bought a TV for my Dadi, who would sit up late and watch TV. So, I would creep in to her room, always afraid that my father would find out anda ear wringing would follow.
  • Golden jubilee plus - Esho Gan Shikhi

    It was the year 1964 and Ferdausi Rahman was very excited to be the first artist for the PTV station to be inaugurated in Dhaka, Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan), when artist Mustafa Monwar proposed for
  • An afternoon with Shahnaz Rahmatullah

    Shahnaz Rahmatullah (former maiden name Shahnaz Begum) has been close to my heart since my childhood. I grew up in Purana
  • Winter music in Kolkata

    I had never heard of the Behala festival. The Kolkata blind school in Behala has this festival every year; this was its fourth year by