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  • Naimul Karim

  • The bot bubble

    How are clickers countering the depreciating value of the Like button?
  • The same old story with a new twist

    The other day, a friend of mine wanted to write a Facebook status about how poorly a particular hospital in the capital had treated her
  • pigeons

    When pigeons take the centre stage

    How much would you pay for a pigeon? Let's rephrase that question. Would you pay to buy a pigeon at all in the first place? After all, there's plenty of hard work involved in breeding them. From providing them with filtered water and a variety of grains to hosting them in a huge space on your terrace, it's not easy.
  • Reflections of Dhaka's broken society inside a broken shelter

    In a quiet corner of Mirpur, barely a kilometer away from the hustle and bustle of the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium, lies urban Dhaka's only government shelter. It's a place that provides refuge to a wide array of individuals.
  • The ones who never returned

    The end of 2017 witnessed the return of a number of individuals who had disappeared in the second half of the year. Most of the 15 individuals, who had been missing since August last year, either returned to their respective families in the last three months or were shown as arrested based on various cases.