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  • Nafis Imtiaz Onish

  • Is MBA a must after BBA?

    BBA is one of the most sought after degrees in the country today. With Bangladesh's promotion to a “developing” status on the horizon, more and more students are expected to pursue business degrees to take on newly emerging executive roles.
  • A student's guide to scripting an audiovisual

    In recent years, AVs have transcended beyond just the commercial sphere. Students are more and more involved in making AVs for academic purposes. Applying for higher studies abroad often requires video essays. Furthermore, the rise of student-level branding competitions ushers in creative submissions which more often than not require making ads, team videos or campaign videos.
  • Are you curious?

    If you are someone who is curious to know about all the random things going on around you, Curiosity is just the app for you. Do you want to know which photos won the science photography competition in 2018? Or perhaps, you want to read up on how origami is revolutionising the world of electronics. Curiosity has you covered.
  • Honest ads of fast food places

    If there is one thing that we have learnt from the booming restaurant business, it is that probably there is nothing we love more than food. And in order to cater to our insatiable hunger, new food places open up every day. What if these restaurants made honest ads about themselves?
  • Should you really “read” audiobooks?

    I am not proud of it, but like most literary critics, I had never equated audiobooks to reading an actual book. I had always been sceptic about the notion of listening to a book and rolled my eyes every time someone claimed to have “read” a book via a voice narration.