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  • Hiring goes haywire

    Lawsuits, allegations of irregularities and question paper leaks have marred recruitment in the eastern zone of Bangladesh Railway, resulting in around 35 percent posts being left vacant for years.
  • Awareness pays off

    Fish egg collection from the Halda river, the lone source of natural carp breeding in South Asia, has reached a 10-year high this year.
  • Elephant calf struggles to live

    When an elephant calf fell down from a 150 feet high hill on March 24, at Khaleque'r Ghona of Sharafbhata union under Rangunia upazila, other elephants in its herd frantically tried to pull it back up and take it along with them.
  • More govt support needed for autism care

    Although the numbers of parents who now forego superstitions and instead go to doctors and institutions to avail treatment and
  • Man-made trauma behind Halda dolphin deaths

    Trauma and inanition (exhaustion caused by a lack of nourishment) due to injuries rendered by engine-run boats, speedboats or dredgers in the Halda river accelerated the deaths of at least 18 dolphins (Platanista Gangetica).