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  • Mir Aftabuddin Ahmed

  • Entrepreneurship to the rescue!

    In 2016, OXFAM released a report that categorically stated that the wealth of the richest 1 percent of individuals was equal to that of 99 percent of the global population.
  • Wooing talent

    When one is a soon-to-be graduate of a university, they rush around from place to place, website to website, seminar to seminar, and people to people, to figure out a career path.
  • Water pollution: Solutions that actually work

    As the incumbent Awami League government gears up for crucial parliamentary elections to test its popularity, it continues to face numerous questions about its administrative successes and failures.
  • Reflections of an international student

    My 24-hour journey from Canada to Bangladesh comprises of an eight-hour transit in Dubai, where the anticipation of going back home supersedes any and all expectations of sleep, food, shopping or moving around the city. Hence, I sit and wait for that Emirates flight to take me back home.
  • Young students must be part of public life

    Given the natural tendencies for middle-income countries such as Bangladesh to inherit or adopt architectural public policy designs from the West, domestic stakeholders in our country must surely push the state towards creating a holistic academic environment, catered solely towards and for the younger generation of our country.