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  • Sunflower cultivation

    Sunflower farming brings hope to Sylhet’s haors

    Sunflower cultivation in Sylhet’s haor areas has helped thousands of farmers secure financial solvency as they successfully made good use of the abandoned lands.
  • A father’s dream for a children’s haven

    Dipthandu Dip Roy Bablu’s family was thrown into uncertainty when his young son was diagnosed with autism. Bablu was at his wit’s end to figure out how he would get treatment for the young Debabrata Roy in Kusumbagh area of Moulvibazar sadar upazila.
  • Yellow tea produced for first time

    After black, green and white tea, growers in Bangladesh have developed highly valued yellow tea, a development that will take the country to another step forward in saving foreign currencies spent on importing expensive varieties of the beverage.
  • Rain reawakens Sylhet’s tea

    The tea industry in Sylhet has been revitalised by recent rains that came after a dry winter season. Around 30 millimetres of rain was recorded in Sylhet on March 8-10, according to the Bangladesh Meteorological Department.
  • Construction work of govt building: Authority intervenes after half of the job done flouting rules

    Half of the work of a government building has been completed without ensuring the quality of the rod and other materials.