• Md Shahnawaz Khan Chandan

  • Professional Line-Standers

    During the release of the new iPhone 7 and sales offers on the occasions like Black Friday and Christmas, people are seen standing in long queues, days before the opening hour of the sales.
  • Free Cataract Surgeries for children: A life changing initiative

    On Wednesday morning, the comfortable cabins of the top floor of Bangladesh Eye Hospital were cleaned, aired and the floors were mopped extensively for the arrivals of guests.
  • Tipu's Tiger

    When conflict between Tipu Sultan, the independent ruler of Mysore and British East India Company reached its extreme, some Mysorean designers, in 1795 developed an ingenious instrument to appease their beloved Sultan.
  • Save the Rohingyas: Why and How to move Forward

    November 12, 2016. Two helicopter gunships of Myanmar's armed forces emptied their rocket pods and machine guns into tiny villages of Rohingya Muslims at the country's Rakhine state, killing hundreds of the villagers and making thousands of them homeless refugees.
  • How to Salvage the Lost Paradise: Saint Martin's

    “Bangladesh is a gorgeous damsel and the jewel in her forehead is Saint Martin's Island,” a quote that rightly explains the indescribable beauty of Bangladesh's only coral island.