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  • Sharmin Rahman's exhibition at Manas

    Growing up, Sharmin Rahman, Associate Vice President – Creative at Asiatic JWT, always had a passion for fashion designing. From an early age she embarked on a journey to create beautiful clothing by working with a local boutique for 11 years. This journey was the beginning of the path to self-discovery for great passion in fashion design and intense amount of talent in excelling in it.
  • Memoirs of 1971

    Memoirs of '71

    She was the first woman in her village Boro Tajpur to have completed matriculation and move to Kolkata for pursuing higher education. When the everyday commute to the heart of Kolkata and got too difficult, her family a decided to send her to Dhaka to stay with her brother Abdul Bari and continue her college education. A decision that changed her life, forever!
  • Transcendence through Image: An Art Exhibition by M R Hasan

    Voyaging through the postmodern era has broadened our perspectives and allowed us to take a more critical step towards realism, meta realism, hyper realism and the magnificent images created by MR Hasan, a renowned visual artist and documentary photographer, has crafted a passageway to explore that. “In reality, all our senses are only limited to certain boundaries, but my photographs are intended to transfer us beyond these boundaries to an
  • D's Fine Jewelry Exhibition

    Numerous prominent retail outlets and online stores gathered together for an eventful exhibition known as Fashion Volume on February 17, 2018, at Gardenia Hall, Gulshan 2.
  • The masterstroke of black and white

    Colours may reign supreme in our high definition lives, but the charm of black and white has not been lost. Sayeed Siddiqui, with his work with Cats Eye as well as other projects, has been a pioneer in bringing focus back to the wonder and aesthetics of black and white.