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    Mahfuz Anam

    Editor and publisher, The Daily Star


    The first day of the Bengali calendar is an occasion of festivity imbued with the spirit of unity among diversity. This is also a time to
  • Commemorative Commentary: Bangabandhu's finest hour

    It is this writer's view that the 7th March speech was Bangabandhu's finest hour. He stood far taller than ever before and with him we too stood tall as well, far taller than we could never imagine or even dream of till then.
  • Only a free media can ensure prosperity for Bangladesh

    I would like to say with the utmost earnestness that a prosperous Bangladesh needs a very vibrant, free media. A thriving Bangladesh needs journalism of the highest standard. It does not need restrictive laws like the proposed Digital Security Act. Instead, a buoyant Bangladesh needs a very competitive private sector, a highly disciplined banking sector and an accountable and transparent administration.

    On the occasion of the 27th anniversary of this paper, we, The Daily Star family -- directors, management and staff -- express our
  • Commentary

    Commentary: ‘Analogue law’ for ‘Digital Bangladesh’

    This government's sterling achievement of setting in motion a “Digital Bangladesh” suffers a serious blow by way of the proposed Digital Security Act that the cabinet has just approved.