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  • Blend in or stand out?

    Ever wondered why the Scandinavian countries—Denmark, Norway and Sweden—top the World Happiness Report year after year? No? Well, I have. You kind of have to when your country stands 115th on this year's list.
  • Sympathy for a monster

    I remember reading the story of Medusa when I was a child. It was a child-friendly, uncomplicated, good vs evil story.

    Joseph Nye, American political scientist and cofounder of the international relations theory of neoliberalism, described 'soft power' as
  • Happy Valentine's Day 2018

    Where is love?

    Today is the day of love, or so the countless text messages promoting special dinner offers, teasers of romantic TV shows, and an advert for a very special date worth Tk 9++ lakh offered by a hotel (that soon went viral) tell us.
  • Workout for the homebody

    You know what this column is called, and in keeping with that theme, let's go over some exercises you can do at home, without any